Liberians urged to reduce importation and build the country’s economy through the production of goods and services


By: Blamo N. Toe

The Management of OBT Shipping Group has called on Liberians to reduce importation and build the country’s economy through the production of goods and services, as it announces the arrival of its first vessel, Haptag-Lloyd.

Speaking to a team of journalists at the Freeport of Monrovia recently, the company’s Operations Officer Philip W. Kjor stressed the importance of Liberians demonstrating the will to build their own economy and improve the local market.

He said instead of Liberian citizens depending on imported goods that can also be produced in their own country, they should take the lead by investing in mass production of the very goods they import.

Mr. Kjor believes if the citizens consider the production of what they eat, they will have surplus of goods and services and by extension, export those materials.

At the same time, the OBT Shipping Group Operations Officer has proudly announced the arrival of its first vessel – Haptag-Lloyd to fully operate in Liberia.

Mr. Kjor indicated that since the operations of the OBT Shipping Group in the country, this (Haptag-Lloyd) is its first vessel which had recently arrived, adding that the company (OBT Shipping Group) from Germany, established in 2004, brings many opportunities to the Liberian market.

He noted that they have signed a-five-year agreement with the government of Liberia but he added that the entity has a long term plan to be in the country as it is in the business of importing people’s containers.

He added that whilst the company comes with top experience and expertise to the business, the management is in total compliance with all criteria set by the Liberian government to officially operate in the country.

Also speaking, the Manager of the OBT Shipping Group, Mauro Gewo, has alarmed over the long delay for companies to access their vessels whenever they are brought into the country through the Freeport of Monrovia.

Mr. Gewo termed as very challenging, sad, unfortunate and unwelcoming for business managers to take many days beyond the stipulated timeline given by the Freeport of Monrovia to access their vessels, but at the same believes that those challenges can be improved on by the relevant authorities.

He also called on the government through the National Port Authority to improve its infrastructure in the interest of business owners, especially shipping lines.

The Agency’s Manager also expressed excitement in working in Liberia and the operations of their vessel, Haptag-Lloyd.

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