LIBERIA: YEKEH KOLUBAH SAYS HE Will Massacre Them Politically


Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yeke Kolubah, has disclosed that he will politically massacre his opponents in the Legislative Election.

In conversation with our reporter Lawmaker Kolubah stated that he is certain of winning the legislative election despite the presence of the ruling establishment Candidate, Josephine Davies.

He bragged that he is the Land Lord of the district and has worked over time and deserves re-election.

Even though some of his immediate family members including his brother have pledged their support to the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC)’s Candidate, Josephine Davies, the vocal lawmaker pointed out that he is not moved by such but is confident and convinced of winning the election.

The controversial lawmaker was seen parading the streets of his district along with his sizable supporters during the visit of President George Mannerh Weah to his district on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

According to him, he was not aware of the President’s visit or political tour to his district as such he is continuing with his campaign activities within the district.

This is the second time that Representative Kolubah has failed to attend activities within his district where the Liberian leader is in attendance.

“I am the Political Land Lord of this district, as such, I have the privilege to move anywhere, everywhere and at any time,” he told reporters when asked about his current parade in the wake of President Weah’s visit to his district.

Yeke, who was not specific on a given situation that transpired between he and the police, but was quick to warn the police to grant he and his supporters equal respect and protection as they do for others.

“Let me and my people be treated equally, they are all Liberians and deserve to live in peace, ” he maintained.

Yeke, a member of the opposition block and current Representative of District #10, Montserrado County is seeking re-election.

He is one of the opposition lawmakers who has heavily criticized President Weah’s Government even though some of his critics and members of the ruling party say his criticism are more personal than issues driven.

It can be recalled that his supporters and some members of the ruling party clashed during the registration process thereby classifying the district as a high risk political violent district.

His Thursday’s tour in the district in the wake of President Weah’s visit to district ten again sparked fear and insecurity among the people.

However , the district has so far witnessed calm and peace void of violence and insecurity among the people.

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