The president-elect of the Republic of Liberia, Joseph BOAKAI, says that the country will be different under his leadership.

“Liberia will be different under my leadership. We will not betray you! We will work tirelessly for you! We will ensure that you benefit from your votes.” Joseph BOAKAI said while receiving his certificate from the Chairperson of the National Election Commission on Tuesday.

The newly elected president of the Republic of Liberia gave the assurance to the people of Liberia that he and his vice-president will work tirelessly to make sure that those who voted for them are in no way disappointed.

“Over the next few weeks and during my inauguration, my Vice President and I will lay out the road map for progress and development. We will fully articulate the pathway to peace, development, and progress. On this occasion, we want to demonstrate our gratitude and renew our commitment to the Liberian People.” He said.

The newly elected president of Liberia recognizes that Liberia, before reaching to such a peaceful and responsible election, went through a turmoil.

“Liberia has had its share of difficulties and now in a sea of democratic uncertainties regionally and globally, we have demonstrated to the world that we can be different. We can offer a model and set good examples. We can boast of peaceful elections and act responsibly to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition. What we celebrate today is the outcome of years of turmoil: military coup, an aberration of democracy, betrayals and now we can all acknowledge the reward of collective endurance.” BOAKAI said.

Joseph BOAKAI did not forget the major role played by outgoing president George Weah in making sure that the electoral process remains peaceful.

“We want to thank our political adversaries and particularly President Weah who conceded even before the last vote was counted. He has also committed his government to a peaceful transition. We expect that the will of the People has prevailed, and we must all listen.” He said.

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