LIBERIA: WEAH LAMENTS OVER ATTITUDE OF Opposition Political Members DURING National Events


President Dr. George Manneh Weah has expressed apprehension over the shunning of key national ceremonies by officials of the Liberian opposition community, describing the attitude as disincentive to building national cohesion, reconciliation and peace.

President Weah took specific note of the conspicuous absence of opposition political members from ongoing events commemorating the 176th Independence Anniversary of the Republic.
He made reference to two separate Thanksgiving and Intercessory Services held last week Friday and Sunday commemorating this year’s independence anniversary at the Black Jina Central Mosque and Philadelphia Central Church at which time opposition political leaders were not in attendance.
Speaking on Sunday, July 23, 2023 at one of the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer services at the Philadelphia Central Church, President Weah said such an attitude was anti-peace and unrepresentative of people seeking national leadership.
“When I was opposition leader during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, I attended every Independent Day program and other events,” the President lamented. “Although people in my party didn’t like the idea, I didn’t mind. I did it in the national interest and peace.”
He wondered how logically attainable it is when opposition leaders stay away from participating in national events and at the same time desire support from the people for national leadership which entails unifying Liberians of all persuasions and sustaining national harmony and peace.

“They want to lead this country, or they want to become leaders; so what’s stopping them from attending these kinds of program intended to exalt the national emblem and spirits,” President Weah quipped.

He said the burden to pray for Liberia’s peace and prosperity doesn’t rest with ordinary citizens and incumbent government officials alone; opposition persons also do have equal responsibility.
The Liberian Leader said Liberia is a great country that must be jealously guided and protected, ensuring the peace of the country remains undiminished.
He challenged the people of Liberia to continue to promote peace, reconciliation and national harmony regardless of politics, adding that no single person can make himself what he or she wants to be without God’s grace and approval.
“It is only God who designates leaders; no one does it by themselves,” he stressed.
Rev. George D. Harris, preacher of the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer, urged Liberians to make peace a national priority.
Rev. Harris said God has given Liberians time and space to pray for the peace for the country, to tolerate and love another, emphasizing anything contrary doesn’t bring glory to God.

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