LIBERIA: ‘We Are Servants, Not Masters’ -FDA Management Team tells employees


During its debut interaction with the general workforce on Friday March 29, 2024 to unveil its road map, the new management team headed by Rudolph Merab has challenged the employees to adopt and practicalize government’s standing ARREST Agenda if the entity is to grow and develop in the truest sense of the word. Making an introductory remark before the seemingly enthusiastic employees, Mr. Merab said he and his team have come not as masters but as servants, not to fail but to succeed and therefore promised to lead by example for others to emulate. The managing director reemphasized that if desired changes are to be realized at FDA under the ARREST Agenda the workforce must first understand that the equation to success cannot be possible in the absence of collaborative efforts. He decried the lackadaisical mentality being exhibited by some individuals in the past which has doubly dragged the entity backward as opposed to going forward. He warned all those in such habit to desist as management is bent on grading people basically on one’s ability to perform and contribute to the upward movement of the entity.

He urged the employees to be punctual and develop a work thirsty spirit that will see FDA a truly rebranded, rehabilitated and revised entity under the ARREST agenda.

Franked by his three deputies including Mr. Victor Kpaiseh, (administration and finance) Madam Gethrude Korvah Nyanlay (commercial and technical services) and Madam Nora Bowier who heads the newly created carbon trade department.

While rubbishing the allegation made against him in the media that he was arbitrarily dismissing employees, Mr. Merab pronounced a new dawn at FDA where corruption will have no space to stand and grow. He said the war against corruption “begins now!” and challenged everyone to keep management alert when and where ever corner corruption may be detected.

Making remark, the Deputy Managing Director for Administration and Finance, Victor Kpaiseh, who happens to be the youngest amongst them, asserted that no stone will be left unturned as it relates to strengthening the administrative wheel of the entity. He called on the employees to do away with the ugly habit of gossips which he termed as a dangerous menace that often destroys unity and sows seed of confusion everywhere and vowed management’s decision to pave an exit route for all those who will be found drawing wedge amongst the management team.

In his own word, “We will help you with departure when you help us with confusion.” It means those who feed on gossips to gain favor, to gain promotion against the interest of others will have detour or risk being crucified upon their own gallows. In a serious note he has called on all those who took salary advance during the past administration but have since reneged in settling their indebtedness to peacefully march to the office of the personnel and make payment plan to avoid embarrassment. It’s reported that some employees benefited from management’s salary advance scheme but have failed to pay. The office of finance has been instructed to bring forth the record of those involved for appropriate action. It therefore appears that internally, the new management team is set to haul the rope and the rope will obviously haul the bush. Making remark also the Deputy Managing Director for Commercial and Technical Services Madam Gethrude Korvah Nyanlay, who comes on board with 17 years of experience promised to assist in rebranding the entity saying, ‘ let our focus be to rebrand the entity at all levels with our collective might, with our expertise and with our dream to succeed. For her part, Madam Bowier, who heads the newly created department for carbon trade, embraced the employees and promised to work with them to take FDA to the appreciable height. Given the crucial task she assumes, she is calling for a cohesive team work, one that will see FDA colorfully shinning, regaining dignity and being attractive in the eyes of the international community.

Meanwhile, it’s expected that the new administration will clean the payroll to ensure that it’s free of ghost names. From the mirror one could espy enthusiasm from the faces of the employees who seemed to believe in the words and actions of the new administration. It’s also believed, without doubt that those who have relied on mere connection to get unwarranted salaries will surely be brought to light. One male employee who appeared disgruntled because his salary was gashed beyond telling during the harmonization exercise of the former regime, although he performs the role of a line manager, hoped the new management team review the payroll and see the gross disparities. He was heard bellowing, ” We are seeing people who for nearly five years now have never been coming to work. And some of these people, by way of their political connection make fabulous salaries while the real technicians make far less.” Presently, the strength of the workforce at FDA reportedly stands at about 525 employees, a number which is believed generally to contain some ghost names. Meanwhile, a general clean-up exercise is set for next week Friday to give the entity a decent facelift.

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