LIBERIA: WAEC Boss gives Updates On Ongoing Exams …warns Candidates not to give into Scan and Fake Questions & Answers


The Head of National Office of the West African Examination Council, Dale Gbotoe, has re-echoed calls to candidates writing the ongoing Exams not to give into what he described as scan and fake answers circulating on the social media including other corridors of the sector.

Mr. Gbotoe, speaking at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism(MICAT) regular Press Briefing on Thursday, May 25, 2023, said the situation is unfortunate and warned schools’ authorities including the candidates to be very careful and do an independent work during these exams period void of extended or foreign materials.

He stressed that the testing house remains credible, independent and professional at all times, especially during the administering of these exams.

“As I speak to you, the test for next week is not available in the country but will arrive from our headquarters hopefully over the weekend, the system is well in place and we wonder where such fake questions and answers are coming from,” he told reporters.

Mr. Gbotoe disclosed that they at WAEC are also receiving similar scan and reported questions with three different answers, saying, “candidates please do not rely on that but do an independent work.”

The 2023 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exams currently being administered across three hundred and sixty two centers in Liberia have so far entered its seventh day.

According to the WAEC boss, 49,842 candidates representing 887 schools have signed in for the exams.

He said of the 887 schools on the exams, 720 are privately owned while the remaining 167 are public schools across the country.

Moreover, private candidates, he pointed out, amount for 35, 253, while pubic school candidates for the 2023 edition of the exams account for 14, 589 respectively.

Providing more updates about the ongoing tests, Mr. Gbotoe informed reporters that the tests are being administered with 1,246 proctors under a ratio of one proctor to 40 candidates while 362 professional individuals are serving as supervisors across the country with 222 from Montserrado County, while the remaining 140 are from the rest of counties.

Mr. Gbotoe who praised the government of Liberia for graciously honoring its commitment in paying the fees of the candidates especially under a relatively tight and difficult fiscal space was also quick to point out some challenges.

He named bad roads, especially from River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland Counties as huge challenges they are experiencing mainly when the second batch of the exams have not arrived but are due in hopefully at the end of the weekend.

However, he mentioned that arrangements have been made with local airlines to ensure that they fly the tests by air hopefully.

The WAEC Head also named unregistered candidates as another challenge that they are faced with.

” Because, the government is paying the fees of the candidates, we normally allot about 650 slots per school but if a school needs more, they can put in for more through the process,” he further explained.

On the order hand, he stated that other candidates, who are left out, will be processed as such encouraged the schools to do the needful in order for them to work on the process and if that is finalized , the number of candidates could increase but at the moment , “I can say exactly how many walk in was done because, we have to do the necessary statistics, ” Mr. Gbotoe added.

Meanwhile, the exams, which are ongoing, are being administered under a period of thirteen days.

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