The former ruling Unity Party(UP) has said it will employ all and every available means at its disposal or domain to protect and defend its partisans and supporters from being attacked by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC).

Making the disclosure on Friday, August 11, 2023 at a press conference held at the Unity Party “Rescue Mission” Campaign Headquarters in Sinkor, Airfield, Monrovia, Mohammed Ali, spokesperson of UP campaign Team, said the party will no longer sit back and watch itself and partisans being attacked and wounded by CDC “thugs and ooligans.”

Mr. Ali, who did not state the appropriate or specific action they are going to engage in to combat the CDC, but pointed out that ‘‘enough is enough’’ that they are prepared and ready to protect their citizens by any means.

“Moving forward, we will employ all and every available means at our disposal to protect our partisans, supporters, and well-wishers. We are fully aware that the plan to incessantly initiate violence against our supporters by the CDC is to scare away our people from attending rallies and activities organized by the UP and opposition legislative candidates,” Mr. Ali stated.

Henceforth, he asserted that the UP will no longer stand by while their supporters endure brutalization, injuries, and humiliation at the hands of those who seem to enjoy the backing of President George Manneh Weah and his government.

Mr. Ali noted that it’s very disappointing and unfortunate that with all what is happening, ranging from the tooting of a casket bearing the image of their standard bearers to the attack between UP and CDC the National Elections Commission(NEC) has not said anything.

He disclosed that base upon that, they have decided to use the first law of life and defence, which has to do with self-defence, saying that ” They will protect themselves from any danger and threat by the CDC.”

” I have not read in any book and anywhere where when people say they will protect themselves become threatening. Also, we didn’t say or announce unspecific action. We are saying that we will use every and all means available to us to protect our partisan and supporters” he stated.

Mr. Ali said that they will also consider from hundred meter away identified CDCian as threat to UP and they will treat them as threat and protect their partisans and they are clear about that.

The former UP Secretary General averred that the UP has always upheld democratic values and peaceful engagements in the political process, and their partisans and supporters fully exhibited that August 10 when they gathered in their numbers fully prepared to listen to their Presidential hopeful to announce the full campaign team and interact with them.

On August 9, 2023, the Unity Party’s Campaign made a significant announcement regarding the unveiling of its full campaign team.

The event, scheduled for August 10, 2023, was planned to take place at the National Campaign Headquarters on Airfield New Road in Sinkor.

However, the UP plans were interrupted and marred by alleged unprovoked and violent actions of supporters of President Weah’s CDC.

During the day, UP and CDC partisan were engaged in a brutal attack at the Airfield Junction at VAMOMA House between supporters of UP who went to welcome Amb. Joseph N. Boakai and CDC supporters who went to welcome President Weah in district#9.

These attacks and clashed extended to the UP Campaign Headquarters and left at least four UP partisans brutalized and others wounded.

However, the ruling CDC has since denied the accusations from the opposition UP of brutalizing and attacking its partisans and supporters.

CDC through its Weah-Taylor Campaign Team has termed the accusations as baseless, false, misleading and cheap propaganda that has no Iota of truth.

But responding to the attack, Mr. Ali describe the event as clearly premeditated violation of the Farmington River Declaration, a commitment signed by all presidential candidates, including President Weah and all other political parties.

“The unrelenting violence perpetrated by hooligans and thugs associated with President Weah’s CDC is deeply concerning. Yesterday’s violent act by the CDC is not an isolated incident, as similar incidents of violence occurred on August 5, 2023, during the opening of the campaign period. UP Condemns the Unprovoked Attacks and Vows to Protect its Supporters,” he stated.

Mr. Ali disclosed what he said thugs and hooligans of the CDC violently attack and brutalization of several UP partisans, including the party’s District 9 Women Congress Coordinator, as well as supporters from collaborating parties.

He alleged that UP believes that President Weah’s CDC has displayed a disturbing pattern of promoting and endorsing violence throughout this electoral period.

“Despite the Liberia National Police being tasked with ensuring security and protection, the recent events have raised serious doubts about their commitment to safeguarding the Unity Party and its supporters. It is troubling to note that the head of the Liberia National Police, Inspector General Patrick Sudue, is a CDC partisan appointed with the primary objective of ensuring that the LNP sits by idly and allow the CDC to perpetuate violence,” he alleged.

In light of these events, he mentioned that the Unity Party and its partners have made a resolute decision.

He said the UP reiterates its dedication to a peaceful and democratic electoral process and calls upon all political parties and stakeholders to uphold these principles.

Mr. Ali indicated that the people of Liberia deserve a safe and secure environment to exercise their democratic rights without fear of violence or intimidation.

“In this light, we call on our international partners and electoral observers to take keen note of all the planned and well executed violence acts being carried on by supporters and partisans of the CDC with the full acquiescence of President Weah and his government. Together we all should continue to Think Liberia, Love Liberia and Build Liberia,” Mr. Ali added.

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