The October 10, 2023 elections are over and the final results have been given by the National Elections Commission, the Weah’s ticket was declared loser.

President George Weah took the world by surprise when he called Former Vice President Joseph BOAKAI and congratulate him, thus conceding his defeat. This conceding has shown a greatness, peacefulness, and pacifisms in the outgoing President, something the entire world greeted with passion, making Liberia an example of true democracy in Africa.

Speaking to his church following his concession, President George Weah blamed his ministers for the defeat.

“Because of the ministers today, I will not be a president from now. If I wanted to do the ordinary thing that lots of people wanted, we would have been running back in refugees’ camps.” He said to the congress.

President Weah told the church that he had meeting with his ministers at the Jamaica resort where he told them that their attitude led to the defeat of the CDC.

“I had meeting with my ministers and I told them that there is a valuable tool in your hand, no matter what don’t let it drop. It does matter who disrespect you, when you are the boss you are always the boss. When people want to make confusion with you, don’t make confusion with them. These are the same people who are going to campaign for you, if you are not friendly with them, this is the result.” He said.

This revelation of President Weah gives right to some Weahcians who told this paper that the problem of President Weah was and has been his entourage.

“Me, I am a Weahcian. They can be doing their big dirty deals and use the man’s name. For instance this issue with Solway, a company the President referred to as a Liberian company, they used all tricks to convince the man to give it to Mittal Steel.” Priscilla Jackson, 26, told this paper.

Few months ago, Mr. Alford B. Morgan the owner of International Logistics (Interlog) secretly crafted a deal with ArcelorMittal UK to sell the property of Solway Mining Inc. without the consent of majority shareholder Solway Swiss.

The fifty (50) million United States Dollars deal involves key people connected to the Weah led government. Dr. James Kollie a cousin of US sanctioned former Minister of States and Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, together with Finance Minister Samuel Tweah (also sanctioned under US Visa restrictions), Pro Temp Albert Chie, Minister of Mines Gesler Murray, Chairman of NIC Molewuleh Gray and Liberia’s Maritime boss Eugen Nagbe were accordingly involved in aiding Morgan to frustrate the investors.

These government officials are said to be the ones who also ill-advised Weah for the delay of the railway becoming multi-user one.

This has stalled the operations of an American company, HPX, in Liberia, something that is displeasing to authorities of the United States of America.

Few months ago, High Power Exploration Inc (“HPX”) Chief Executive Officer Bronwyn Barnes announced the company’s strong support for the United States Government’s consideration of a multi-user regional infrastructure corridor linking Guinea and Liberia.

“As a U.S. company, HPX is keen to lend its active support to the concept of a multi-user infrastructure corridor that could link the two countries and provide significant benefits to regional industries and communities.” The press release quotes HPX’s CEO.

According to Browyn BARNES, the infrastructure corridor is proposed to contain an upgraded and expanded rail system that would extend the existing rail line that runs from Buchanan Port to Yekapa in Nimba County into the Lola district of Guinea connecting the two countries, an extension of the existing hydropower network from Cote d’Ivoire into the Nimba districts of Liberia and Guinea, an upgrade of existing road networks in the Nimba district to all-weather roads and the implementation of fibre optic cable connecting the Port of Buchanan to the Nimba district and potentially beyond.

Until now, the government has not yet stopped AML for having a monopoly on the country’s railway. A major bridge was few days ago damaged on the railway due to the carelessness of an AML train. It could take months to have it repaired. The question is: will it be repaired to the level of being capable of containing the load of a multi-user railway?

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