By Aaron Nemah


Pleebo-Maryland : The manager of Sward Mining Compan, Mr. Romeo Leo, on February 24, 2024, was handed over to the Liberia National Police Pleebo detachment, for an illicit mining at Chinese’s Camp.
The illegal mining was discovered by some residents in the area during the evening hours of Saturday February 24, 2024. The Sward Mining Company operating in Pleebo, is said to have been working for years in River Gee and Grand Kru Counties.
” The Sward Mining Company works during the night time while we’re at sleep. And sometime we hear machines sound but don’t actually know what was happening around us, something which puts fear in us at night.” Residents stressed.
Meanwhile, inhabitants in the area are asking the company to immediately vacate from the camp. According to them, vacating from the mining site will save the land for future use instead of mining purposes.
During the preliminary investigation of the Sward Mining Company over the weekend, government officials present were: Pleebo City Mayor Hon. Wellington Kyne, Mr. Alex Abu Freeman representative for mines and energy in Pleebo, Maryland and head for the CID, Mr. Jimmy Kaydor.
Clarifying such an allegation, Manager Romeo Leo explained to the gathering that, the company has no intention of introducing an illicit mining in the premises of Chinese’s Camp, as it’s been speculated in the community.
He farther emphasized that it was a testing sample of the rocks and sands that were previously collected from River Gee and Grand Kru Counties for construction purposes.

For their part, Hon. Wellington Kyne and Mr. Alex Abu Freeman, admonished citizens to remain calm and law abiding people as the investigation continues for a proper redress.

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