LIBERIA: Senator Pennue seeks Urgent Action On Anti-Drug Fight


Grand Gedeh County Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, has urged the 55th National Legislature, especially the Liberian Senate to urgently treat the alarming rate of young Liberians categorically called “Zogoes” with emergency in the country.

Speaking Tuesday at the 1st sitting of the 1st session of the Liberian Senate for the 55th Legislature, the lawmaker further mentioned that the first action by the Liberian Senate to that effect should be a vigorous vetting for nominees at the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency.

Numerous reports indicate that Liberia has one of the highest rates of drug use in West Africa with cannabis and heroin being the most used.

Senator Pennue cautioned the Senate statutory committee on Defense, Security, Human Rights and Veteran Affairs headed by Lofa County Senator Momo Tarnuekollie Cyrus to take into account during the committee’s vetting process for nominees of LDEA, the alarming rate of harmful drug users in the Liberian society and ensure that individuals taking on said task be properly qualified to help with the fight against drug.

He added that, as it stands, the LDEA is weak and lacks every capacity to combat the issue of drugs, something Senator Pennue attributed to the lack of qualified individuals to provide proper leadership over the entity.

In July of 2023, President George M. Weah signed into law the Controlled Drug and Substances Actof 2023, commonly called the Drug Law. The Liberian Leader signed the bill into law after it was passed by the Liberian Legislature following months of deliberations.

In spite of the enacted of the Law and subsequent approval by President Weah, Senator Pennue still believe that said law can only be significant if the LDEA is robust on the frontline to ensure that violators are apprehended and be made to face the full weight of the law without fear or favor.

The new anti-drug law aims to regulate, restrict, control, limit, or eradicate the illegal export and importation as well as the flagrant use, abuse and proliferation of narcotic substances within Liberia.

In closing Senator Pennue maintained that the health sector in South-eastern Liberia continues to experience the consistent lack of medicines and ambulances to take patients from one destination to another.

Senator Pennue along with many Lawmakers are making frantic efforts to ensure that there are national efforts in order to rescue the younger generation from drug abuse.

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