LIBERIA: Senator Dillon takes The Lead …As He declares Assets


In fulfillment of the Administrative Code of Conduct for public officials, Montserrdo County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon alias “ADD” has re-declared his assets as promised.

Sen. Dillon, who did so far back in 2019 when he was elected Senator to close the vacuum left behind due to the death former Senator Geradine Doe Sheriff and again in 2020 after his victory in the 2020 Special Senatorial Election, on Thursday, January 25, 2024, took the bold step to again re-declared his wealth accumulated over the past few years.

Sen. Dillon did not only declare but vowed to have his full assets published in few local dailies and online for more public consumption.

“I proposed the amendment so the issue of publication is no longer discretionary and so this is where we are. We made it mandatory so that it will not be like a “Zoe Bush” thing. We came with the mandate of rescuing the people and in so doing we have to lead by example,” he asserted.

“We will fight to remove the ambiguity in the law. It’s good that we begin on that note and this is why we came to re-declare our asset because it is important. In our declaration, we also mentioned therein our additional one-room house in Grand Bassa County. We also indicated the USS$15,000 that we are indebted to with a used car company,” the Montserrado County Senator added.

Receiving the documents, the Secretary of the Liberian Senate, Mr. Nanborlor Singbeh, lauded Sen. Dillon for adhering to the law, most especially so, for always being the first Senator to do so.

“He is the first Senator in this new era to come and declare his assets. The second is the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence. In fact she informed me about it again this morning and so I will proceed to her office to receive her documents. I must thank Senator Dillon; he’s always in compliance with the law. The Rescue Mission starts with honesty and this is what you have done Honorable Senator so I want to thank you in a special manner. Please, always encourage others to do so as we. I will not have these document presented to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission,” Mr. Singbeh indicated.

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