By Aaron NIMAH


Maryland- Karloken: The Ministry Of Gender, Children and Social Protection Maryland County chapter in collaboration with the women of Maryland county and Karluway Statutory District women with support from partners on March 8, 2024, observed the international women’s Day in Karloken, Maryland, under the theme: ” Empower Her Empower All”.
The day is set aside to be observed every year March eight (8) through out the world with the intend of bringing peace and unity among women across the world.
The celebration which was held over the weekend, was embraced by government officials, delegates from Partners in Health (PIH), representatives from the concession companies including Mr. Desmond Tugba from the home office of District#3 Representative Hon. Austin B Taylor.
Serving as the key note orator during the program, Miss. Felecia M. Doe spoke on the theme: ” the importance of a woman”.
According to her, a woman is known to be a symbol or a spiritual, strong, loved, satisfied and courageous person. She however noted that the responsibility of a woman in a society has been the content topic through out history.
” In general, a role of a woman has been naturally subordinated to that of a man. However, culture and other activities involving ladies are exercised, especially serving in public’s offices. Women play a vital role in contributing to country’s economic and vivid development in every aspect of the society”, Miss. Doe said.
Addressing the congregation, she added that women participation in society also helps to empower and advocate for the children protection and women’s rights in the world.
The key note orator therefore used the platform to encourage and admonishe her female counter part to attach a value on themselves to continue the upgrading of every society.
For her part, the Gender Coordinator Maryland chapter Mrs. Linda Wea outlined the significance of women involvement in the world. According to her, they have immensely contributed in public’s offices and other key areas that shows motivation in fostering development in the world.
Meanwhile, the county coordinator Mrs. Wea said, the primary function of every woman is to uphold and be a helper to a man inorder to keep up the home growing rapidly for future balances.
She used the medium to appreciate the Liberia government, supporting partners, participants and philanthropists who stood by them and helped in making the program to climax successfully in Maryland County.

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