LIBERIA: Remove Sanctioned Tweah from JPTT …Says Ex-AG Morlu


Former Liberia’s Auditor General, John Sembe Morlu II, has said President George Manneh Weah and President-Elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai, standing at the crossroads of Liberia’s future, bear the weighty responsibility of charting a course free from the stains of corruption.

According to Mr. Morlu, the urgency cannot be overstated – Sanctioned Finance and Development Planning Minister Tweah’s presence within the JPTT poses a threat to the very fabric of our nation.

‘‘Let the forceful call echo across the corridors of power: Tweah, a central figure in a government tainted by thievery, must be swiftly and decisively removed. No longer can Liberia afford the luxury of tolerating corruption at the highest levels. His attempts to shift blame onto others, particularly America, must be rebuffed as a desperate maneuver to evade accountability,’’ Mr. Morlu asserted.

“This Tweah Man’s” misguided counsel, dismissing corruption as inconsequential to Liberia’s development, has been resoundingly rejected by America and a staggering 92% of Liberians. The ongoing saga of blackmailing Mittal over the years finds its resolution with Tweah squarely in America’s anti-corruption dragnet. In acknowledging America’s unwavering commitment to justice, including the pursuit of corrupt officials like Minister Tweah, we recognize the importance of urgent actions. Investigations and prosecutions are not mere bureaucratic processes; they are the necessary steps to reclaim stolen wealth and restore faith in the foundations of our nation,’’ the former AG further asserted.

‘‘Contrary to the promises of a Pro-Poor Agenda, Tweah, a former truck driver turned finance minister, symbolizes the peril of appointing individuals with unconventional career paths without rigorous scrutiny. Thorough background checks are not just a formality; they are the frontline defense against the erosion of public trust. Our gratitude to America extends beyond words – it is a testament to the shared commitment to justice and accountability. Joe Boakai, poised to lead Liberia into a new era, stands ready to collaborate closely. The clarion call is for comprehensive investigations into the web of corruption that threatens to strangle our nation’s progress,’’ he averred.

Immediate action, he intimidated, is not negotiable, saying the JPTT must be purged of Tweah’s presence, for our association cannot endure with a sanctioned official implicated in such corruption. Liberia demands a clean slate, untainted by the shadows of malfeasance.

‘‘The recent survey conducted by Christopher Tokpah, revealing a resolute call from 92% of Liberians for a thorough audit and investigation into Weah’s government corruption, is a stark reminder of the collective will for change. Corruption must cease with the Weah administration, and this moment should serve as a stark warning to the incoming government. Under Joe Boakai’s leadership, Liberia is poised to triumph in the war against corruption. It is not merely a campaign promise but a commitment to a transformative era where the fight against corruption is unyielding,’’ Mr. Morlu, who is regarded as anti-corruption czar, furthered.

‘‘Stand united with America and Joe Boakai in this battle, a battle that transcends borders and ideologies. This is a call to action for all who seek a Liberia free from the shackles of corruption. Your involvement is not just encouraged; it is paramount to our collective success,’’ he stressed.

‘‘We pledge not just audits, investigations, and prosecutions, but a commitment to the incarceration of those found guilty. Bella Yalla stands as a symbol of justice, a maximum-security prison for the corrupt, ensuring that the consequences match the severity of the crimes committed against our nation,’’ the former AG opined.

‘‘Join the fight against corruption, or step aside. The rescue train is in motion, and there’s no room for complicity. Together, with America’s resolute support, we forge a path toward a Liberia that stands tall, unburdened by the chains of corruption, as a beacon of hope and integrity for generations to come,’’ he added.

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