LIBERIA: PUL responds to Supreme Court Ruling


The Press Union of Liberia(PUL) has acknowledged the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, which reversed Justice Joseph Nagbe’s decision to annul a Stay Order on the Inauguration of elected leaders of the Union.
The High Court’s verdict stated that Justice Nagbe, while in Chamber, did not remand the PUL Leadership Conflict Inquest back to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga.
The High Court stressed that Justice Nagbe’s decision to approve the induction of elected leaders of the Press Union of Liberia violated the Judicial Law of Liberia.The Union acknowledges and respects the Supreme Court’s ruling and is committed to follow all prescribed steps.
This includes transmitting the Supreme Court’s ruling to the 9th Judicial Circuit to initiate the resumption of jurisdiction over the case.Simultaneously, the Press Union of Liberia is refuting public misinformation regarding Team Kanubah’s alleged victory in the ongoing legal saga.
The Union highlights that the outcome of an interrogatory motion does not equate to winning a suit when the merits have not been heard.
The Union affirms its commitment to ensure that the case’s resumes in Gbarnga, Bong County in the earliest.
The reversal of Justice Joseph Nagbe’s decision stemmed from a case: Julius K. Kanubah vs. Press Union of Liberia Leadership, Membership, Congress & Election Committees.
Team Kanubah had accused the Press Union of Liberia’s Leadership, Membership, Congress, and Election Committees of tampering with the voters’ roll, an allegation vehemently denied by the PUL leadership as baseless and aimed at tarnishing the Union’s reputation for selfish motives.
Team Kanubah, prior to the PUL’s election, engaged in a campaign to besmirch the Union’s reputation through unproven accusations.
They accused the PUL’s Membership Committee of adding twenty-seven individuals to the voters’ roll after the accreditation period, only to later discover that most listed individuals were their supporters.
Despite this, Team Kanubah shamelessly agreed to include the list on the voters’ roll and requested two days to present a detailed complaint, which was granted.In an attempt to sow confusion, Team Julius then lodged a complaint against the Alternative Youth Radio (AYR), claiming its journalists were ineligible for full PUL membership.
Instead of participating in the hearing, Team Kanubah proposed an independent committee, headed by the National Civil Society Council of Liberia, to cleanse the voters’ roll—a proposal rejected by the Congress and Election Committees.
Subsequently, they were asked to attend a voters’ roll cleanup, but Team Kanubah failed to appear.Further events unfolded with Team Kanubah conducting press conferences spreading misinformation about the Union’s democratic credentials.
The Congress in Gbarnga ended with an injunction being placed on the event by Julius K. Kanubah and supporters, which was later lifted by the 9th Judicial Circuit Court after legal representation by the Press Union of Liberia.
Team Kanubah then sought a Stay Order on the inauguration of PUL officers, initially withdrawing their Writ of Declaratory Judgment before amending it.
The Judge interestingly approved the Stay Order which Justice Joseph Nagbe annulled. Justice Joseph Nagbe annulment of the Stay Order has now been reversed in a strange manner by the High Court.

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