LIBERIA: PUL condemns Senator Johnson Arab Spring Threat


The Press Union of Liberia(PUL)( has strongly criticized Senator and former warlord Prince Yormie Johnson for his recent remarks in which he threatened a popular uprising against the Weah-led Administration if there is any suspicion of election rigging in the upcoming 2023 Elections.
During a recent press conference held in Monrovia, Senator Johnson expressed his concerns about potential election interference by the ruling establishment. He went as far as to threaten the use of force on behalf of the people, declaring, “Before the October elections, Liberians are rallying under the banner ‘Don’t Try It.’ If anyone attempts to subvert the will of the people, the citizens’ power will be exercised, reminiscent of the Arab Spring. Whether you shoot your gun, take lives, or meet your demise, there will be no more fear; Liberians will not be afraid anymore.”
With only 20 days remaining until the October 10 Presidential and General Elections, Senator Johnson, a prominent supporter of former Vice President Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party, continues to use provocative language that hints at the possibility of armed conflict, showing no remorse for the devastating loss of life during Liberia’s two civil wars.
In an official statement, the Press Union of Liberia has voiced significant apprehension regarding Senator Johnson’s remarks. These remarks have raised disquieting parallels with a prevailing narrative within the Unity Party, suggesting their determination to secure victory in the upcoming elections at any cost. While nobody desires election rigging, threatening the peace and stability of the country is entirely unacceptable, the PUL stressed.
The PUL urged Boakai and his newfound allies to prioritize election integrity without resorting to actions that could jeopardize the country’s hard-won peace. The Union emphasized that reminding Liberians of the horrors of the war years, which the nation has been striving to recover from for the past two decades, is deeply troubling.
In the meantime, the PUL is calling on the Unity Party, led by former Vice President Boakai, to distance themselves from Senator Johnson’s dangerous rhetoric. Such statements have the potential to undermine the progress and stability that the country has worked so diligently to achieve over the past two decades.

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