The Superintendent of the Monrovia Central Prison, Varney Lakes, has said Indian Businessman and Philanthropist, Ujpit Sachdeva, commonly called “Jeety” remains the major feeding partner to the Monrovia Central Prison.
Jeety owns the Jeety Trading Corporation, which sells hardware and other building materials and also runs a Rubber Factory in Weala, Margibi County.

Speaking over the weekend, Supt. Lakes said Jeety usually distributes hot cooked meals to inmates and donates materials to the Monrovia Central Prison also known as South Beach, saying his immense contributions to inmates and the prison compound are not strange, but rather a continuous support.

Supt. Lakes pointed out that through the help of Jeety, the Prison Compound and the Indian Community in Liberia have a strong relationship to help the Government of Liberia(GoL) through the prison center.
He called on others to emulate the good examples of Jeety in boosting the Prison Compound with useful items for the inmates.

He thanked Jeety for his is kind gestures by bringing hot cooked meals for the inmates.

The head of the Monrovia Central Prison mentioned that the food(bitter balls) prepared by Jeety to feed the inmates are produced right from his farm.

For his part, Jeety applauded the administration of the prison facility for taking good care of the inmates despite the challenges they are faced with in handling the Prison Compound.

Jeety called on foreign businesses within the country to also stretch their hands to those individuals who are facing the law or got in conflict with the law and cannot provide for themselves while behind bars.

The Indian prominent Businessman, who served the Honorary Conul General of India and later turned into a humanitarian few years ago, promised to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day scheduled for July 26, with hot cooked meals and others items with for inmates.

After feeding the inmates at the Central Prison, Jeety extended his distribution of food to unprivileged or disadvantaged youths at the Pelham Building on Center Street. The Pelham Building is where disadvantaged young girls and boys are currently living.

About a week ago, Jeety aided a blind man named Gaddafi who was hit by an unknown vehicle and his bones got broken. He was taken to the Pelham Building by one group of people without a single treatment.

Lying with the pain day after day, Jeety got said information and quickly took him for treatment at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center where he underwent surgery to repair the damage on his bones in his thighs and hip on the expenses of Jeety.

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