The senior senator of Nimba County, Prince Johnson, a senior member of the Unity Party, told journalists over the week-end that his recent statement of resistance” in case of any electoral rigging is not a threat to peace.

“I told the ruling establishment that any attempt to rig the election will be resisted. There was nothing like arm mentioned in my statement. The constitution of Liberia says all powers, it did not say some powers, and it says all powers inherit in the people.” Senator Johnson told journalists in Ganta, Nimba County.

According to the lawmaker, the statement made by a joint security meeting was not necessary because he was reachable and answerable to any call.

“I called the Minister of Justice, I called the Police IG, I called the Chief of Staff of the army, I told the Chief of staff to get the army out of politics. I told him get yourself out of politics because if there is armed incursion he has to defend the sovereignty of this nation. The people have their right to demonstrate peacefully and ask the power to step down. Instead of holding security meeting behind me you can call to better explain what I meant to say. That is if my statement is creating fear amongst the population in your view. They never called me that’s why I confronted them yesterday. I asked them why they held a joint meeting on my statement without inviting me. Should someone steal election? Cdcians said that they will take this election by force. So I said that anyone thwarts the people’s way, the people’s power will be used. I asked the IG of Police what injury my statement caused to the Government. If they have no intention to rig election why should they be worried by my statement?” He said.

Concerning a conversation posted on Facebook about him and BUT NAKED, the Nimba senator said he does not know BUT NAKED.

“I don’t know where BUT NAKED is, I don’t know his number and he does not know my number. So what is put on Facebook about conversation between me and BUT NAKED is mare propaganda.” He ended.

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