LIBERIA: President Boakai Finally declares His Assets …says Liberia needs Leaders Who Will Say Something and Do Them


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai on Thursday, February 8, 2024 officially declared his assets to the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission(LACC) in Congo Town Office, outside Monrovia.

Even though details of his declaration to the LACC is yet to be made known to the media, the Liberian leader said the country needs leaders who will say something and do them.

“Yesterday, I took my drug test and today I declared my assets, they are all in fulfillment of my promise to the Liberian people, ” he stated.

Speaking to reporters following the completion of the process , President Boakai said if Liberia wants to prosper, to develop and make the country a better place then it is time to do the right thing.

“So today, February 8, 2024, I have declared my assets and this is to make sure that what I have brought to the table is what I have and in the future, I can be judged by them,” he told Executive Mansion reporters.

He pointed out that he is currently pursuing commitments made to the Liberian people during his inaugural address as part of his hundred-day plans in office, re-emphasizing and reassuring the Liberian people that he remains committed to them and will deliver .

“I tell people that I am not here for the Presidency but to make sure that the country has a new beginning in honesty, transparency and to make sure that it serves the Liberian people,” President Boakai added.

Meanwhile, it is expected in the coming days that the LACC will make public the Liberian leader’s assets which he has already declared to them as part of transparency and accountability including best practices.

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