LIBERIA: Pres. Boakai rallies Energy Sector Stakeholders As He promises Zero-Tolerance on Corruption


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai recently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges in Liberia’s energy sector. During a Round Table Energy Sector discussion held on March 21, 2024, he reassured the partners that one of his administration’s topmost priorities is the provision of affordable, reliable, and renewable energy to lift Liberians out of poverty.

The President was resolute in his commitment to completing the St. Paul 2 (SP2) Hydro Project and the Mount Coffee Extension projects that he initiated as Vice President in 2016.

He made it clear to the partners that he would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that these projects are delivered to the highest international standards and free of any predatory political interference.
President Boakai called on the international partners to support through the provision of the needed expertise and funding for the completion these transformational projects which would have lasting impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.

He emphasized that the completion of these projects would have a tremendous impact on many sectors, including commerce, industry, communication, education, health, agriculture, and domestic and regional stability as expressed in the ARREST Agenda.
The President also reaffirmed his administration’s zero-tolerance policy on corruption and cronyism and assured the partners that he would insist on upholding best practices. He demonstrated his confidence in his administration’s integrity and urged the partners to have faith in the project’s success.

Meanwhile, the President committed to regularly updating the partners through the leadership of his line ministries and agencies on progress, impediments, and challenges during each quarter. With his unwavering commitment and confidence, President Boakai is poised to transform Liberia’s energy sector and improve the lives of millions of Liberians.

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