LIBERIA: Pres. Boakai delivers the ‘Charge’ to the Assets Recovery & Property Retrieval Taskforce


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. has made a bold declaration to those in his Administration that accountability and transparency must take center stage in order to eradicate corruption and bad governance in Liberia.

During a meeting with the Assets Recovery and Property Retrieval Taskforce at the Executive Mansion, he asserted that he would not tolerate any form of public insinuations or pressure that would compromise the greater goal of taking appropriate actions to get Liberia on the right trajectory for the common good of all Liberians.
President Boakai urged the Taskforce members to be accountable and proactive in their efforts to recover illegally obtained assets. He reminded them that their work is not for him but for the benefit of the entire country.

The Liberian leader emphasized that a functioning and productive country depends on the willingness of all citizens to make and accept tough decisions that create an enabling environment for the common good.
Furthermore, President Boakai called on all Liberians to employ the principle of honesty in their efforts to build the country, even in the face any distractions that may arise. He assured the Taskforce members that they have the full support of the Government in their efforts to combat corruption.
Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, Chairman of the Taskforce expressed gratitude to President Boakai for establishing the Taskforce and for selecting them. He pledged that they will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in their efforts to combat corruption and recover illegally obtained public assets.
Cllr. Martin also clarified that the Taskforce’s work is not intended to witch-hunt anyone, and that no one will be falsely incriminated on the basis of political affiliation.
Accountability remains one of the Boakai Administration’s top priorities in the overall ARREST Agenda.

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