LIBERIA: Police issues Cautionary Measures Ahead of General Enforcement


The Liberia National Police (LNP) has issued a series of cautionary measures aimed at ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians across the country. These measures come ahead of a planned general enforcement campaign by the LNP.
In a statement released by H. Moses Carter, Sr., Head of the Division of Press and Public Affairs at the Liberia National Police, several directives were outlined:
Firstly, the LNP has urged all owners of unauthorized vehicles equipped with high beam lights, sirens, flashers, and other emergency devices to remove them immediately.
Secondly, owners of right-hand drive vehicles have been instructed to take their vehicles off the streets, as they are not permitted under Liberia’s Vehicle and Traffic Laws.
Additionally, non-gas station gasoline sellers, colloquially known as “can-boys,” who operate along the main streets in Monrovia and throughout the country, have been asked to cease their activities.
Furthermore, the LNP has called on vehicle operators to refrain from the dangerous practice of using the opposite lane, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic regulations.
Lastly, all vehicle, tri-cycle (Keke), and motorcycle owners have been urged to ensure their vehicles are properly registered, insured, and that their documents are up to date.
These measures, according to the LNP, are designed to create a safer environment for both motorists and pedestrians alike.
The statement also indicated that the Liberia National Police will soon embark on a nationwide inspection campaign to ensure compliance with these directives and the country’s vehicle and traffic laws.

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