As they risk being evicted thus losing the biggest mosque in Maryland County, Muslims in the county are craving the indulgence of President George Manneh Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard -Taylor, Speaker Bhofal Chambers, who is the direct representative of the district, and others to intervene into the matter.

Establish since 1970, the biggest mosque, which sits in Maryland’s commercial and most populous city, has been used by Islamic worshippers.

However, recent land dispute leading to court’s order means the Muslim face the most testing times of their over 50 years of worshipping at the mosque.

Speaking to reporters upon their arrival to Monrovia on Thursday, June 15, 2023, the Imam of the Mosque, Mohammad V. Dukuly, the Chairman of the Muslim Council in the county, Amedu Mallam, the Muazen, Lassana M. Gray and Elder Abrahima Diallo, urged the urgent need for top policymakers’ intervention before the situation further degenerates into chaos.

According to them, while they cannot challenge the court, especially the decision for eviction coming from the nation’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Liberia, though they were never given any due process of the law as they never had their day in court – even at the circuit court level.

“We are here to send this information about our mosque. It has been there since 1970 since the land was given to a family. But in recent times, the Howards, led by one Julius Howard, came to claim ownership to the land. The circuit court called for investigative to go on. But without knowing the outcome of the survey, some sheriffs from the court came ad locked our mosque,” said Imam Dukuly.

“We we’re not sued anywhere, but all we heard was that it was a decision from the Supreme Court. On this situation, we have reported it to the President during his tour and he promised to intervene. We also informed Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, and she also promised us to do same. The Speaker is aware and he has also informed us that he would intervene. And so we are purposely in town to do all we can to meet them. We are supposed to meet with the Speaker today. We want them to step in,” added Chairman Amedu Mallam.

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