LIBERIA: MPC Political Leader names Running mate …Says They are ready to redeem Liberia


The Political Leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 named former Presidential aspirant and Public Health Specialist, Dr. James Kollie Barclay as his running mate in the October 10 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

The pronouncement was made at the MPC fourth National Convention held at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

During the convention, supporters and partisans of the MPC was notice with excitement and joy. The program brought together partisans, supporters as well as well-wishers of the party.

Officially making the announcement, MPC political leader, Simeon Freeman said that he is excited to announce to the Liberia, somebody with a vision and direction to help him collectively change Liberia.

“When they say running mate, it’s not about the county the person comes from. Even though this person comes from Bong County, particularly lower Bong. But, your running mate should be somebody that if you fall down the person will carry the process on. And so, we will not be like other political parties where they already don’t have energy but have a running mate that don’t have capacity,” Mr. Freeman noted.

“Having being elected by the MPC as its standard bearer, I also want to name my running mate today. Our running mate is a Liberian, married, come from Bong County and is a medical doctor. Our running mate is well school. With that said I like to call out Dr. James Kollie Barclay as my running mate. From today’s onward, Dr. Barclay and I will be moving forward as the next President and Vice President of Liberia in this upcoming election. We will make sure we bring change to the people of Liberia,” he concluded.

Giving his acceptance speech, Dr. James Kollie Barclay said that he is very excited and overwhelmed to be selected as running mate to Mr. Freeman.

According to him, he is excited to be part of a team that is willing to make the needful change that will lift Liberia to a Nobel and better height of respectability international and locally.

“Our problem in Liberia is chronic. We need radical treatment someone that will stand with us, and it must be that person who has the vision to change this country for all Liberia. And, the best option for Liberia now to lift this country from poverty to self-reliance and food production is the Freeman-Barclay ticket. This team understands the plight of the Liberian people,” he stated.

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