LIBERIA: LTA Leads Liberia’s Digital Drive …As Acting Chairman Envisions Transformation


The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) under the leadership of Acting Chairman, Abdullah L. Kamara has envisioned an ambitious digital transformation in this information age. Kamara with a strong team of commissioners, is leading the charge towards a technologically empowered future for Liberia.

Supported by Acting Commissioners Angela Cassel-Bush, Patrick Honnah, Ben Fofana, and Clarence Massaquoi, the LTA is setting the stage for an Information Communication Technology (ICT) revolution that promises to redefine Liberia’s digital landscape by 2030.

Mr. Kamara and his team officially began their work on Monday, April 29, 2024 and immediately, they embarked on initiatives to implement President Joseph Boakai’s Digital and ICT agenda.

The focused of LTA under the current team, is on the comprehensive Digital Transformation Project for Liberia. This project aims not only to enhance technological infrastructure, but also to integrate digital processes across various sectors of the economy.

Chairman Kamara, with extensive background in the ICT industry, both in the public and private sectors, brings a wealth of experience to the LTA. The vision of the acting LTA Boss focuses on the adoption of advanced online marketing and e-commerce solutions that are crucial for fostering economic growth and enhancing Liberia’s global digital competitiveness.

Commissioners Angela Cassel-Bush, Patrick Honnah, Ben Fofana, and Clarence Massaquoi, each of them brings unique insights and expertise to the table, collectively working to drive the digital agenda of Liberia forward. No doubt that their collaborative approach is pivotal in crafting policies that support innovation and digital literacy, thereby ensuring that the benefits of technology reach all corners of the country.

Under the new team, LTA’s commitment is expected to extend beyond the issuance of licenses and frequencies to stimulating infrastructure development as well as human capital investments in the digital space of Liberia.

Mr. Kamara has indicated that under his watch, a key aspect of the LTA’s short term strategy will involve digital skills training aimed at empowering young Liberians and enhancing digital literacy.

“This initiative is designed to prepare the workforce for the demands of the digital age and spur innovation across digital landscape ranging from e-commerce, mobile telephone, e-health, education, e-banking and e-government, among others,” he pointed out.

The Acting LTA Chairman believes that embracing technology across Liberia will allow beneficiaries to start gaining new skills that are essential for driving innovation in the ICT and digital landscape.

Additionally, Mr. Kamara highlighted the importance of new media platforms, which are expected to play a critical role in marketing by 2030 and further positions Liberia on the digital global stage.

As Liberia journeys towards a transformed digital economy, Kamara noted that he and his team of commissioners are dedicated to making significant strides in integrating digital goals set out by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

“Our efforts are not merely about enhancing telecommunications but are fundamentally aimed at paving potential routes to sustainable development for the nation through digitization,” Mr. Kamara stressed.

Abdullah L. Kamara comes to the job with several years of experience in the public sector and commercial setting. He is actively involved in social responsible initiatives and projects.

Mr. Kamara with specialties in Business Management and Enterprise Architecture planning, is the Founder of the NETLIB Foundation, which is the. Network for the Development of Liberia. The Foundation is a charity based organization that focuses on Vocational Training for the youth of Liberia, enabling them to get affordable quality training and preparing them for the job market and entrepreneurs.

He is a graduate of the Logo of Nyenrode University with MBA in Strategy and Organizational Dynamics and Master of Science (MSc) Information Technology as well as Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Sciences

With the relevant skills in Enterprise Architecture Planning, IT Strategy, Change and Information Management, Kamara and his team are ready to implement President Boakai’s Digital and ICT agenda.

It seems that President Boakai made no mistake when he named Kamara to head the LTA as Acting Chairman. He has a lot of passion and interest to see the Boakai Administration achieves its digital transformation integrated goals that will change the way people do business.

Meanwhile, Kamara said once the technology is embraced by all Liberians across the country, beneficiaries will begin to get new skills training that could bring essential innovation across the digital marketing and transformation sector.

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