Liberia: Joint Security Responds to Baseless Rumours of Violence


The attention of the Joint Security of the Republic of Liberia is drawn to rumours circulating on social media and other traditional media outlets by unscrupulous individuals, who are maliciously spreading lies about the outbreak of violence in Monrovia, with the intent to instill fear ahead of the announcement of the election results by the National Elections Commission.

The Joint Security of the Republic of Liberia reaffirms its commitment to protect the peace and security of the State and calls on all Liberians to go about their normal business while waiting for the National Elections Commission to announce the official results.

The Joint Security warns that anyone attempting to undermine or threaten the peace and security of the State will face the full weight of the law.

The media is urged to uphold its obligation of factual reporting and eschew the dissemination of fake news, deliberate misinformation, and disinformation, which runs contrary to their ethics.

Persons caught promoting and perpetrating acts of violence will be held accountable under the law.

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