Liberia-IRELAND strengthen Ties at St. Patrick’s Day Reception


The Embassy of Ireland in Liberia commemorated Ireland’s National Day, St. Patrick’s Day, with a reception on 19th March 2024. The event underscored the robust political and cultural connections between Ireland and Liberia while acknowledging joint efforts in development cooperation within Liberia.
In a speech at the gathering attended by senior government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, Irish community representatives, and development partners, Gerard Considine, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Ireland, highlighted Ireland’s commitment to supporting Liberia’s most vulnerable populations.
Considine announced the forthcoming launch of a new five-year strategy for Ireland’s engagement with Liberia. He emphasized the strategy’s focus on bolstering the resilience of marginalized groups, with particular attention to the empowerment of women and girls. “Our emphasis will remain on working closely with Liberia to support the most vulnerable,” Considine affirmed.
Reflecting on Liberia’s recent democratic milestones, Considine commended the country’s peaceful transition of power following the 2023 elections. “Liberia and the Liberian people have demonstrated, once again, a deep commitment to democracy and peace,” he remarked, lauding voters for their dedication to the democratic process.
Highlighting the shared values underpinning the relationship between Ireland and Liberia, Considine underscored their mutual commitment to peace, human rights, and the rule of law. “Our partnership, rooted in shared values, is of vital importance, now more than ever,” he asserted, reaffirming Ireland’s dedication to multilateralism and international law.
Honorable Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dean of the Cabinet, conveyed the Liberian government’s congratulations to Ireland and the Embassy of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. Nyanti emphasized the significance of the longstanding diplomatic relations between the two nations and expressed gratitude for Ireland’s continued support for Liberia’s development.
St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated annually on 17th March, marks Ireland’s National Day, honoring the patron saint credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. Diplomatic ties between Liberia and Ireland were established in 2004, with Ireland’s substantial contributions to Liberia’s development totaling close to €100 million since 2005.
Looking ahead, Ireland’s commitment to deepening its relationship with Liberia includes plans to appoint a resident ambassador in Liberia in 2024. With the impending launch of a new strategy, both nations aim to further strengthen their partnership while addressing the needs of the most vulnerable members of Liberian society.

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