LIBERIA: In the run up to the October 10 Elections ECOWAS urges Political Actors to refrain from Inflaming Tensions


ECOWAS has observed with great concern the development on the use of incendiary rhetoric by some political leaders and activists that could stir violent emotions, incite disturbances, and jeopardize the peace and stability of Liberia.

ECOWAS has condemned such inflammatory statements that have the propensity to trigger violent confrontations. ECOWAS urges political actors to use dialogue and mediation to address grievances and legal channels to seek redress to any concerns they may have regarding the electoral process.

ECOWAS continues to reiterate the importance of fostering an issues-based campaign devoid of vituperative language.

ECOWAS urged that state institutions should continue to execute their mandates relevant to the electoral process with neutrality and provide a level playing field for all stakeholders to exercise their constitutional rights with respect to the rule of law.

ECOWAS reminded all actors that the provisions of the Farmington River Declaration remain in force and are cardinal to the conduct of all political actors to safeguard the electoral process.

The ECOWAS Commission and its long-term observers currently in Liberia remain vigilant in assessing the political ecosystem in the run-up to the elections and affirms their continued support to a peaceful and successful presidential and general election

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