LIBERIA: In Maryland County Electoral Violence leads TO Several Wounded


Series of electoral violence are said to have disrupted tallying process of ballot papers in Maryland County after the close of voting on October 10, 2023.

Reports from the county say several persons got wounded in Old Sodoken at a precinct comprising two polling places.

Polling staffs and poll watchers from different political parties including other NEC officials fled the scene abandoning ballot boxes when series of controversies that led to the appearance of a ‘Country Devil in the area.

It was reported that the Country Devil took over the ballots’ site in the presence of the town chief of Old Sodoken and other traditional leaders who were being accused of seizing the ballot boxes.

One of the observers of at the polling precinct in Sodoken, Steven Russell, said the devil brought the box outside, it was stuffed with ballots.

According to him, the chief in the town was marking the ballots for the voters up to 11:00pm and the devil drove the people away from the polling station.

“We all we’re afraid of the devil so we ran away leaving the ballots in the possession of the chief, Now, those ballots have been added to Anthony Williams results,” he said.

Russell via mobile phone said the people from Old Sodoken, the traditional people are threatening his life, saying, “Old Sodoken is Russell’s home town and why is he with CDC and not standing with them to allow them mark ballots in favor of their son Anthony Williams,” he explained quoting the town people.

Mr. Russell said he was thrown out of the polling center by the NEC worker who they believe was in favor of Anthony Williams people.

“The NEC allowed the town chief to enter the polling station and he was marking ballots for the town people (illegal), the NEC staff allowed people to get on the line after 6:00pm. Even though he told the NEC staff that it was illegal, NEC staff (CeCe Munah) continued to be allowed people on the line to vote after 8:00pm. She put me (Russell) outside when I complained.

He furthered explained that, “The crowd erupted into confusion and later the Country Devil was called and people started to run away. The Country Devil took control of the ballot box and the center. Now the traditional people are looking for me so I am afraid for his life,” Russell noted.

Several supporters of incumbent Representative candidate, House Speaker Dr. Bohfal Chambers of CDC and representative candidate, Anthony F. Williams of Alternative National Congress (ANC) over the weekend gathered at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission in Maryland County calling on NEC to announce Pleebo Sodoken District #2 results in accordance with what NEC staffs have reported.

Both Dr. Chambers and Mr. Williams are claiming victory over the representative seat of Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, Liberia.

The struggle for the Maryland County District #2 seat seems to be attracting some outside forces as being claimed by residents in the area.

One of the residents, Moses Collins, who claim to be a supporter of the Unity Party, frowns on what he calls the undemocratic behavior of those interfering with the Maryland electoral process.

In the mind of Collins, the outside forces interfering do not mean well for the peaceful citizens of Maryland County.

“They cannot impose their will on the people of Maryland, I am disappointed in those paying people to disrupt the counting process and to disrupt the peace in Maryland,” he stated.

A complaint was made to the NEC office in Harper, Maryland County.

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