Alford Boimah Morgan, is a Liberian who owns International Logistics (Interlog). According to information received by this paper, he the mentor of “a criminal cartel to dubiously sell Solway Swiss iron property in Nimba County to ArcelorMittal with the help of some government officials.”

“The action of Morgan faces challenges as his plan and expectations meet Waterloo.” An insider of the Swiss company told this paper.

It can be recalled in October 2019, the government of Liberia granted Solway Mining Inc. exploration license to dealing in iron operations in two of Mount Nimba ranges (Blei and Detton). Upon completion of the exploration, the company informed the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) about its discovery of huge iron ore deposits and expressed interest in proceeding to the next level and obtain its Mineral Development Agreement (MDA). MME wrote to President Weah in October 2021 seeking approval to recognize Solway’s satisfactory works to qualify for MDA process. President Weah replied in May 2022 granting approval to constitute the Inter-Ministerial Concession Committee (IMCC) and start immediately the negotiation.

At this point, Alford B. Morgan who is closely connected to the Weah led government and a minority shareholder of the mining company decided to thwart every single legal documents and agreements he has signed and approved with Solway Swiss with the intend of claiming secretly one hundred percent (100%) ownership.

“This criminal syndicate has been aided by high ranking government officials including top officials of Ministry of Mines and Energy (Gessler Murray and E. Sherman), Ministry of Justice (Musah Dean), Finance Ministry (Samuel Tweah), National Investment Commission (Molewuleh Gray) and Liberia Maritime Authority (Eugen Nagbe). The same group of conspirators were recently sanctioned by the United States of America with visa restrictions for undermining democracy in Liberia.” The insider said.

The insider farther explained that recently, Morgan connived with Mr. Saye Thompson, senior official of the controversial Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and head of Joint Community Forest Management Body (JCFMB) in Nimba and three of the affected district commissioners, Jenkins K. Johnson, Yealue W. Yealue and Thomas Gonotee to begin a process of writing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will grant ArcelorMittal exclusive right to operate the Solway mine. To speedily achieve this clandestine operation, the actors involved received kickbacks and vehicles from ArcelorMittal. The citizens refused to begin a process of writing an MoU until elections are over and satisfactory answers are provided.

On Thursday October 12, 2023 the citizens of the affected communities wrote to the Nimba Superintendent and Minister of Internal Affairs informing them of the disputed property and demand the government of Liberia to have SOLWAY returned Solway’s and bring to justice actors involved in frustrating investors. The Chairman of Traditional Zoe, Paramount Chiefs of Yarmein Clan, Sehyi Clan and Zor Clan have maintained that the country mask will not leave the property until the right thing is done.

On Thursday October 19, 2023, the anger of the traditional chiefs was materialized when the country devil suddenly bust forth in the camp where many workers of Morgan’s Interlog company, InterLog’s security company Atlantic Security owned by ex-Colonel Amos Yini and ArcelorMittal security were at work. These workers fled for their lives as the country devil advanced to seize all activities.

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