Following the choice made by Joseph BOIKAI to choose Jeremiah KOON as his running mate for the October 10, 2023, presidential and general elections, Henry COSTA in a Facebook appearance has vowed to make sure that those “politicians and political parties” that are against him do not get the taste of power.

“Henry Costa as individual, my one vote, I should not give it to any political leader or party that has adopted the agenda of fighting to destroy Henry Costa. In fact I will use my gift, I will use my words, I will use my persuasive power to ensure that you do not become president.” Costa said.

According to the well-known talk show host and political commentator, “there are some political leaders and parties that are bent on fighting to destroy Henry Costa.”

“We have been fighting for long, we put our lives at risk, we were threatened, and we lost properties in these fights.” He lamented.

Henry Costa, Beneni UREY, as well as Yomblee KARNGAI were all seen to be potential choices of former vice President Joseph Boikai as running mates.

On Friday April 28, 2023, Joseph Boikai announced Jeremiah KOON as his running mate for the next presidential elections. This seems to have frustrated others who were announced as potential choices of the Liberian former vice-President.

In making his choice, these were the words of Joseph BOIKAI: “In my search for a running mate, I sought to find someone who would join me as a partner and build a dedicated team of leaders to rescue our country. I wanted someone young and energetic who will commit to integrity and accountability in governance, commit to reconciling and healing our country and who by their early upbringing understands and connects with a youthful generation and nation still traumatized by war and denial but yet is an example to success. Let me assure you that the person I did not look for is a SINLESS ANGEL. However, that person must be one who understands the suffering of our people and is willing to rescue them.”

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