LIBERIA GT Bank-Liberia Vault Custodian TO BE ARRESTED


An arrest warrant has been issued for the Vault Custodian at GT Bank Liberia for allegedly stealing over seventy-eight thousand United States dollars from the bank.

Magistrate Ben Barco ordered the arrest of Fabrizo Siryon based on a complaint from the management of the bank.

Magistrate Barco’s arrest order instructed court officers backed by armed police to arrest defendant Siryon in order to face prosecution in connection to the amount in question.

Despite the arrest order, the court has also
Issued a travel ban for the GT Bank Vault Custodian, defendant Siryon.

The defendant’s ban has been circulated to all entry points to have him arrested if he attempts leaving the country.

On May 16,2024, defendant Siryon as vault Custodian purposely and intentionally stole and made away with said amount without the will and consent of GT Bank Liberia, absconded and placed himself into hiding.

He allegedly converted the entity’s money to his personal use and benefit with the intent to deprive the entity.

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