LIBERIA: Grassroots’ Support swells for CUMMINGS


The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties, (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, has stepped up campaign activities, moving from house to house and community engagements to the streets, sharing campaign stickers, with drivers, Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and shop owners in District # 6, Montserrado County.

Mr. Cummings, along with his Vice Standard Bearer, Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, were joined by hundreds of first time voters on Saturday, August 26,2023 who paraded the GSA Road to ELWA and the Zubah Town area, met and greeted residents and motorists.

Youths gathered in the hundreds to get a glimpse of the CPP Standard Bearer and Vice Standard Bearer in a colorful walk-through the principal streets, organized by CPP Representative Candidate Martin Kollah of District #6, Montserrado County.

Youths chanted slogans, “Cummings, that the papay we want,” as the huge crowd, followed by dozens of vehicles made their way from the GSA Road Junction to Zubah Town Road and ELWA Road.

A shop owner shouted, “I want to see this wonderful man, Cummings who has promised to help Liberian businesses,” while a group of girls marveled and rushed to get personal touch with Counsellor Brumskine, discussing her “youthfulness and beauty” to become Liberia’s next Vice President.

Mr. Cummings extended gratitude to the youths for the huge turnout and the show of support and solidarity for his Presidential bid and assured them of a better life upon his election as President on October 10.

First time voters are young people who have attained the age of 18, and will be voting for the first time in the October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections in Liberia.

Last week, the densely populated Duala Market District on Bushrod Island came to momentary standstill, when marketers swarmed to the main streets to get a glimpse of Mr. Cummings, who stormed District #16, Montserrado County amidst great jubilation by marketers, street peddlers, residents and citizens.

The huge crowd danced to the campaign song of Cummings and chanted slogans in chorus “Thank God I didn’t lose my voting card, my one vote will make Cummings win.”

The standard bearer of the CPP was met on arrival at the Bong Mines Bridge by hundreds of partisans, supporters and sympathizers, who together walked through the streets and made a brief stop at his early childhood refurbished home in Point Four.

Mr. Cummings, shielded by hundreds of partisans, and escorted by state security, walked through the Duala Market, to the Borough of New Kru Town, met and greeted residents, shop owners, pedestrians and ordinary citizens.

The Borough of New Kru Town is a densely populated slum community, believed to be a “stronghold” of President George Manneh Weah.

The CPP Standard Bearer and entourage were given a rousing welcome at a special indoor program organized by partisans, supporters and sympathizers in District #16, Montserrado County.

He expressed gratitude for the rousing welcome and the huge turnout by partisans, supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers in support of his Presidential bid in October.

He reassured Liberians that upon his election as the next President of Liberia, he will not disappoint or dash the hopes of Liberians for real change that will better the lives of the suffering masses.

Mr. Cummings said on his ascendancy as President, Liberians will begin to experience immediate change in their living condition, vowing to revive the ailing economy through massive job creation.

He said the CPP Government will endeavor to fix the deplorable road condition, fix the health and educational systems, and restore other basic social services to improve the living condition of the vast majority.

Mr. Cummings’ visits to District #16, followed similar visits to District #10 and 14, last week, during which he interacted with citizens to rally their support for his Presidential bid.

He said the CPP’s focus is to fix the ailing economy, the broken health care and educational systems, and create massive job opportunities that will lift thousands of Liberians out of extreme suffering and poverty.

The CPP standard bearer vowed that upon his election, he will form an inclusive government of competent and qualified Liberians without political, religious affiliation or ethnicity.

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