The Candidate of the Liberia People’s Party (LPP), Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, is not convinced as many are that the those politicians with huge numbers of supporters in these campaign would emerge as winner(s) or runner-ups in the ensuing 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

In consonance with Article 77(b) of the Liberian Constitution-organic law of the country, eligible Liberian voters will go to the polls on October 10 to vote in the presidential and legislative elections. In those elections, Liberians will be fulfilling their constitutional mandate by voting for a President/Vice President, 73 Representatives and 15 Senators.

Speaking in an interview with this paper recently, Cllr. Gongloe opined that contrary to ongoing opinion polls and crowd politics ticking across the country, the process is opened for all parties and candidates.

The renowned Liberian human rights lawyer pointed out that some of those parties and candidates perceived to be forerunners of the process would receive shocking results at the polls, thus, several of them would be dragged to different hospitals across the country through ambulances.

“Some people say it will be CDC, others say Unity Party. To me, this election is opened for anyone. Look, there are some young people like Clarence Moniba and females such as Sara Beysolow Nyanti and others and they have different ways of engaging the people. Some of the people, who you see running around here, you will be surprised that they will go nowhere. They should be ready to carry some people to the hospitals because there are some people that will fall off just from the results that would be announced,” stated Cllr. Gongloe.

“Some people, who are sitting down and saying, CIlr. Gongloe is nothing; he has no voting record. Maybe they think the votes they got in 2017 is money locked in the safe somewhere that they can withdraw at any time. People’s minds can change at any time. So many people who think that the crowd that they are looking at that will make them win, they will be shocked. Some people will come from way behind that they think people don’t know some of those people will people think are known will not come near at all,” he furthered.

According to him, the LPP stands a better chance than most of the parties because it has taken its platform to the voters.

“If you want power from the people, you have to give your CV to them, you have to convince the people about what you can do; it is just like you are looking for job. No Presidential aspirant has gone to 50 towns across the country and I stand to be corrected. I have gone to 330 towns; crossing rivers, monkey bridges and crossing over into difficult areas and places where cars can’t reach and telling the people that I want to be your President. Ninety percent of the places that I have gone, they told me that I am the first presidential contender that has gone there. They told me the same thing in Sass Town, in Kparqoi Town – President Weah mother’s home. They said it to me in Gbutuo in Nimba County where the war started. They told me that Charles Taylor who brought the war has not come here before. They told me the same thig in Gbor-play also in Nimba; in Henry Town in Gbarpolu County and so many places,” the LPP’s Presidential Candidate asserted

“I am doing all these things l am supposed to do as a politician. There is no politician that speaks to media people than me. The way the people talked to me tells me that the whole of Liberia is my stronghold. But with all fairness, I am stronger in some counties than the others; I am strong in Grand Gedeh, I am strong in Nimba and I am also very strong in Montserrado because this is where I live most of my lives more than anywhere else. I have won all the news awards
and I have made constant appearances on the radio,” he, among other things, added.

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