LIBERIA: GoL Prepares to Launch Phase-Two of Polio Vaccine Nationwide


Massive preparations are underway ahead of the launch of Phase Two of the “Outbreak Response Novel Oral Polio Vaccine in the coming days

According to a Health Ministry release, stakeholders’ engagements and strategic meetings for the success of round two vaccinations have begun.

The second dose followed a first round, targeting more than eight hundred fifty thousand children nationwide.
The Health Ministry indicated that the nationwide vaccination will be a crucial step towards eradicating polio in the country.
The release also disclosed the deployment of healthcare workers and mobile vaccination teams at designated vaccination sites shortly across the country.
Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr. Louise Kpoto has commended donor partners and stakeholders for continuous support in the fight against polio in Liberia.
Dr. Kpoto also called on the public to join efforts in combating the virus and cooperate with the Vaccination teams to ensure a successful process.

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