The aggrieved workers of the Golden Veroleum of Liberia in Garraway Weteken GVL estate, are under Go-Slow for bad labor practices against field workers.
The action which occurred early yesterday morning at approximately 7:00AM, sparks up tension between the aggrieved workers and management of the company including some traditional chiefs.
On Wednesday Feb. 8, 2024, Mr. Isaac T. Dweh the official spokesperson for the group said, they have been marginalized by management of the Golden Veroleum of Liberia. Something which prompted them to stage the Go-Slow and seize operational activities.
He however explained to news men that, since the company started operation in the area, it was on October 2, 2024, they presented their position statement to the management of GVL to meet up with what was signed in the CBA. But according to him, the company is yet to have a round table discussion with them.
Reading the position statement that was presented to the management of GVL, ” We are delighted to use this communique and thank you for your unwavering mediation between management and us. We also want to admit that the presence of GVL has impacted our lives in some positive way but we are compelled to inform you about some bad labor practices towards us that are unacceptable as they have the proclivity to impair our growth perpetually. Being fully cognizant that dialoguing for a resolution is the most ideal methodology this communication seeks an invitation of GVL management for a meeting along with its union leadership on October 6, 2023, at the Garraway Conference room @11AM to find an amicable and suitable remedy to the infra listen issues in the document. It is our ardent hope and expectation that our communication will be honored as we all strive to build a sustainable company which we believed will be a common on patrimony of our children,” said Mr. Isaac T. Dweh.
The spokesman for the group Mr. Isaac T. Dweh said, article 11.1 of the concession agreement gives GVL an option to construct schools. But wherein such construction is not possible. According to him, it is noted that they should invest in local EXISTING SCHOOLS being it private or public schools with in developed areas and provide free transportation for a distance more than 1 mile away from dependent’s home.
“It is obvious today that the company defines the phrase as government schools only and compels all employees to follow said definition,” he lamented.
He furthered indicated that provision of free transportation for 1 mile distance was made available in 2019 only from the inception of the GVL operation when all workers received 300 USD each.
Speaking further Mr. Dweh said, the latter portion of article 11. 1 demands the GVL to allot 25,000USD annually for adult illiteracy and vocational training. The company gives no regard to these agreements ,” the aggrieved workers said.
Meanwhile, the aggrieved field workers and union payer staff stressed, that the nature of their work is the application more force which requires more energy.
” One can only get more energy if he/she eats good food. We often eat dry food because payment can be made to us close to the end of the new month, something which has been happening over 5yrs,” the workers union stated.
Meanwhile, the union is calling on the management of the Golden Veroleum of Liberia company to revert to the 2012-2013 ratio distribution and time for payment respectively.
For their part, the region and national leaders of the union, Mr. Philips Weah and Thomas Jallah said, written document was not presented in their respective offices to varify their claims as field workers.
” We are based in Monrovia and come in Grand Kru to settle the Go-Slow action against management. Therefore we are yet to intervene the Go-Slow action because we are unaware of the prevailing situation on ground Until the field workers can submit their high copy document to us.

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