By Aaron NIMAH


High Wood- Maryland: Atleast four (4) students of Tubman University on Monday March 25,2024, at about 1:00 Prime Meridian, riding on a motorcycle, collapsed with an Ambulance belonging to the Partners in Health entity while making their way back to Pleebo after classes at the University.
According to eyes witnesses, the vehicle operator identified as Mumuni K. Abutu was coming from the opposite direction and unfortunately left his side and ran into the four students, leading one person to died instantly while others were seriously wounded and admitted to JJ. Dossen Hospital for medical attention.
Victims involved in the tragic motor accident include: Philips Williams, Godfrey B. Dweh, Marie Dennis and Stanley Nah.

“The Ambulance was coming from Pleebo with a Patient, heading to Harper at JJ Dossen Hospital when the accident occurred,” eyes withnesses explained.
For her part, the Health administrator for JJ Dossen Hospital Madam Julius Natt Doe said, the remaining three persons that were admitted to the hospital have died as a result of a severe bleedings and deep cut on their bodies.
” We tried our best to treat the victims and even two of them needed a blood donation because of the high bleeding. But while applying other medical techniques to have them recovered, one also died and subsequently followed by the remaining individual,” Madam Julius Natt Doe stressed.
Speaking with this paper, the inspector and traffic director, chief Moses Z. Teoh quoted the Ambulance driver as saying, “it was a mechanical fault that caused the accident leading four of Tubman University Students to die.” According to him, the vehicle operator Mumuni K Abutu heard a strange sound from the front tire and before he could realized that one of the vehicle’s tire was disjoint, he went in an opposite direction crossing the middle line but however was managed to have regained his side with a Patient still in the Ambulance.
Though according to him, this is not the first neither the second time for Mumuni K Abutu to have such an accident.
” Some few years back, an Ambulance collided with the same vehicle operator claiming the lives of two persons in the same area,” chief Moses Z. Teoh lamented.
Meanwhile, immediate relatives from diverse angles of the county have collected their corpses from the hospital’s mortuary and were taken home for further embalming and monument activities.
As the bodies were vacating from the hospital, the Pleebo motorcyclists board, family members, relatives have shared tears over the untimely death of their sons and daughter.
Meanwhile, Students of Tubman University are expected to have a peaceful protest regarding the death of their colleagues on Monday March 25, 2024.
The protest will be denouncing the wriggled driving of the ambulance driver, in order to draw the attention of health authorities on the importance of having responsible drivers and making sure the vehicles are well serviced before putting them on the road.
Meanwhile, suspect Mumuni K Abutu is currently in police custody at the Harper police deport awaiting court trial.

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