Liberia: Former Deputy Director of LISGIS apologizes to Mayor Koijee …asks for Forgiveness


Amid the unsubstantiated accusation against the character of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee, in less than a week two persons have come out to confess and apologized to Mayor Koijee for being used by opposition politicians to malign his character.


The latest of them is the former Deputy Director of LISGIS Alex Williams, who has been on the Spoon TV network, making statements against the character of Mayor Koijee.
Alex was one of those influenced by Stanton Whitherspoon to lie about Major Koijee so they can lobby for a possible sanction.
Whitherspoon along with former TRC Commissioner Jerome Verdier lured Alex to resign his position during the census process and later arranged for him to travel to the U. S to serve as a witness to building what they term a possible sanction on Mayor Koijee and the Government of Liberia(GoL).

Alex, in his apology via his social media handle, expressed his regret for accepting to ill discuss Mayor Koijee, something he promised that he would’ve never done. He apologized to Mayor Koijee for being misled and asked for forgiveness.

“I don’t want to forget the many good he did for me. Koijee is one of the major reasons I am who I am today and so I want to again publicly use this medium to apologize to him. My father is dead but I see Koijee more like a father to me. You all may not understand but I am convinced that I should have never discussed anything about him whether factual or not,” Alex revealed

Alex’s apology comes in the wake of another confession by another person who was used by opposition Benoni Urey and Henry Costa to lie on the government and Mayor Koijee.
“All the statements I made in 2019 at the Headquarters of the National Elections Commission(NEC), implicating Koijee in human rights violations and alleging that the CDC Government smuggled firearms into the country and stored them on a farm in Gbarnga, were orchestrated by Mr. Urey. He promised to protect me after making these wide-ranging allegations against the government, but he failed to do so,” Ms. Taylor revealed.

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