LIBERIA: Ex-VP Boakai lauds Liberians Amid Calls For Opposition Unity


As he hails Liberians for the decision that brought the main opposition Unity Party (UP) throat to throat with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) despite the latter having the hugest financial powers, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has thrown a new jibe at President George Manneh Weah in condemnation of his six-year rule.

In a preliminary statement of elections results from the National Elections Commission (NEC), which clearly indicates that the two forerunners are headed for a run-off Presidential Elections, former VP Boakai indicated that Liberians’ decision at the October 10 poll is a clear indication that Mr. Weah’s days at the presidency are numbered.

According to him, the casket paraded by CDC zealous during the campaign period symbolized the demise to a failed presidency and to make President Weah a one-term president.

“Through their votes, the Liberian people have presented to President Weah and his CDC the reality they feared the most throughout these elections – a second-round face-off against me, the Liberian people and our broad- based alliance – the Rescue Team. Liberia has won!”

“I, therefore, want to take this time to express profound thanks, appreciation and deep gratitude to the Parties of the UP Rescue Alliance, all our partisans and sympathizers dispersed throughout the length and breadth of this country who exercised their rights and cast their votes for the Rescue Ticket. We want to thank all other Parties who engaged this process to ensure a peaceful and competitive process. We have proven that a united and determined people can resist violence and demonstrate to the world that we are different,” he asserted.

The former Liberian Vice President then thanked the local and international observers, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), United Nations, European Union, United and States and all others who continue to work with Liberia on the “very tortious journey.”

“With your votes and support, we have made history. We proved that a people determined to achieve a noble goal can prevail. Despite the looting of our national coffers, the violation of every decent rules protecting our young democracy, the scare tactics and intimidations, threats to our supporters and government employees and the campaign of fear, President Weah and his CDC were unable to break the resolve of our people,” he said.

“On the journey to October 10, 2023, you, our people, defied rain and thunder; you defied the scorching sun and the suffocating heat; you defied sleep and fatigue. You walked long distances and crossed many rivers and creeks in common bond and solidarity with the Rescue Mission. You did so because you love Liberia deeply.”

The Liberian statesman noted that the country needs to be fixed from a broken governance system, with corruption being swept aside.

He pointed out that the country needs to be redeemed, reunited and rescued, that which he maintain can be done only by the “Rescue Team” of the UP.

“To achieve these lofty goals, we need every Liberians and residents alike. I am convinced that all the talents and ideas we need to rebuild our country cannot be found in a single party, tribe, county, region or religion. That is why I am committed to forming a government of inclusion when we ultimately achieve our grand goal of democratically evicting President Weah from the Executive Mansion in a few weeks.”

“We shall form a government that truly reflects the political, ethnic, regional, and religious, and gender diversity of our country. We shall form a government in which the true value of a Liberian is not determined by loyalty to party but by loyalty to country, competence and love for country.”

But to ensure that the UP succeeds in its quest to the presidency, Standard Bearer Boakai outlined plans for outreach with other political parties, adding: “In Union strong success is sure. We will overall prevail.”

“We plead with everyone to join the Rescue Team and finish the job to make our country to breathe freely again. Liberia will rise again and flourish under our leadership. Together, we can, and we will effectively tackle the KUSH epidemic in our country and save the future of our young people. We want to bring honor to our families, stop the bleeding of our resources, offer a responsible government and res cue our country. We will not let you down!”

“To achieve this, we crave your sense of patriotism (A call to our elders, our youths, our mothers and all Liberians). Our journey is not over, we have a runoff. This is the real test to our commitment. I am convinced with God our helper, We will Prevail!”

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