Liberia: EU Ambassador Delahousse wants Voters Reflect on Political Preferences


The European Union Ambassador to Liberia, Laurent Delahousse, has said registered Liberian voters should reflect on their political preferences and the choice of a candidate best suited to deliver their needs and expectations.

Ambassador Delahousse pointed out that Liberians with their votes should venture on October 10 to back the future of the unification policy, which has transformed Liberia into a great nation.

Speaking on Tuesday, 16, 2023, at a one-day peace dialogue in commemoration of this year’s National Unification Day, Ambassador Delahousse said, in Liberia, the unification and integration policy has inspired governments to give equal rights and opportunities to all Liberians.
He said the focus of many government policies has become often the less fortunate, and the inspiration behind the current administration’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.
Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador added that International partners have brought enthusiastic support to the policies, and it is time for Liberians to appreciate the measure in which targets and objectives are met.

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