LIBERIA: Electricity reaches River Gee County After 23 Years of Existence


It was a joyous and historic moment when citizens of River Gee County in South Eastern Liberia for the first time set their eyes on electricity.

Powered by the Liberia Electricity Corporation(LEC), major streets and communities were seen lighted crystal clear as residents, unlike before, took hours in the streets dancing and celebrating before leaving for their various homes.

The depopulated, impoverished and underdeveloped city of Fish Town now has light , a remarkable milestone under the leadership of President George Manneh Weah, said one of the happy residents.

With the presence of electricity now in Fish Town, it is expected that the living condition of the people will gradually improve, especially in the areas of economic, infrastructure development and communications among others.

Until before, the absence of electricity in the remote city had hindered the city’s advancement, limiting access to modern amenities, technology, and economic opportunities, among others.

However, with the availability of electricity, it is expected that some transformative initiatives will take place in the area in order to set the stage for more developmental interventions, going forward.

According to the rural residents, the presence of electricity in their area is now a great relief to them as the old age and updated way of living in Fish Town and the county in particular to include the methods of lighting, heating, and cooking will now be of the past.

“The introduction of electric power will improve living conditions, enhance safety, and bring about a significant shift in productivity across different sectors,” the happy residents added.

The new and historic infrastructure Development in Fish Town City was according to the locals, a joint help efforts from National Government headed by the County by Superintendent Philip Q. Nyenuh in collaboration with international partners, including energy providers, infrastructure experts, and engineers.

They explained that the construction of power plants, transmission lines, and distribution networks posed immense challenges due to the county’s geographical location but the dedication and perseverance of all involved have finally yielded successful fruits.

Among many other things, the immense benefits of electrification in River Gee County cut across all spectrums and also aligns with broader sustainable development goals.

Additionally, Access to electricity fosters educational opportunities, enabling schools and educational institutions to offer modern technology-based learning environments, enhances healthcare services, as hospitals and clinics can now operate essential medical equipment and provide improved care to patients.

River Gee County located in Southeastern Liberia is one of the under populated, underdeveloped and remote counties as hardship, inaccessibility , lack of basic social services, among others , the people have lived with since existence 23 years ago.

The County was created in 2000 during the administration of former President Charles Taylor and has an area measurement of approximately 5,113 square kilometers (1,974 sq mi)but with the new era of change following the historic transformation of the city and county in general through new electricity supply renewed hope and progress as well as development is assured for the thousands of citizens of the county

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