LIBERIA: ECOWAS condemns Inflammatory Statements


ECOWAS has condemned inflammatory statements that have the propensity to jeopardize the peace and stability of Liberia.

In recent weeks, some political leaders and activists have engaged in the use of inflammatory rhetoric ahead of the Presidential and Legislative Elections.
But, in a statement issued over the weekend in Monrovia, ECOWAS such utterances could stir violent emotions, incite disturbances, and jeopardize the peace and stability of Liberia.
The regional body is urging political actors to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric and use dialogue and legal channels to seek redress to their grievances regarding the electoral process.
Meanwhile, ECOWAS also reiterated the importance of fostering issue-based campaigns void of offensive language.
In a related development, ECOUWAS is calling on state institutions to continue executing their mandates relevant to the electoral process with neutrality.
It wants the institutions to provide a level playing field for all state holders to execute their constitutional rights, as well as the rule of law.
ECOWAS also wants political actors to uphold the Farmington River Declaration to safeguard the electoral process.
However, the West African Body said it remains supportive of the country’s electoral process and reaffirmed its continued support for the maintenance of peace and democracy for member states.

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