As mine affected communities in Sanniquillie impatiently await the inauguration of the newly government to get redress to the seemingly insolvable problems with Arcelor Mittal, a problem that became a cancer after the dubious sale of Solway’s license to AML, the affected communities have completely blocked all accesses to Mounts Blei and Delton, two mountains concerned by the deal between Alford Morgan and the GOL.

On December 28, 2023, youths from the communities cut down trees on the various points of access to the two mountains, thus preventing workers of Morgan’s Interlog to even leave the site.

“When the new Government is inaugurated and we are duly informed of which company the government has given authorization to, then we can embrace such company. Not these 419 talks with no evidence from Morgan and his Interlog will make us succumb.” Anthony Wongbaye, 23, told Daily Watch News.

Since the secret turning over of the license of Solway to AML, the government of Liberia has not come out with an official statement to inform the affected communities.

Instead, it is Alford Morgan and his Interlog that have been going from community to community to inform the custodians of the land that they have been hired by AML to take over the operation areas of Solway.

Emmanuel SHERMAN, a relative of Alford Morgan, who is the Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines, was the main architect of the process. He was given a land cruiser jeep by Morgan, money taken from the account of Solway illegally, to make sure the original documents of the Solway are all changed to bear the name Alford Morgan.

Grace Barry, a former Interlog camp manager recently wrote some indelible facts about her former boss Alford Morgan who is according to her, using lies to deceive the population of the affected communities.

“I write to provide my take on this whole Solway- Interlog- and ArcelorMittal chronicle as a Conscious minded Nimbain and to bring to the attention of key stakeholders in and out Nimba County. Firstly, I think it’s about time that we let aside relationships that are not healthy for societal growth and development. In my yester-mail to you Mr.Morgan, I gave you an option, but, your inactions had proven to be the definition of your obdurate attitude in blackmail.” Grace BARRY said. “Just so you know, I do not believe in cowardice attitude and I face anyone that works in trickery and injustices. How on earth, a man like you who claim to somewhat have all the connections will be used to playing a double-standard game? You provided documents to authenticate that the Mount Blei and Delton are not under the ownership of Arcelor Mittal couple of years ago; through the infographics of both Ministers (Minister Patrick Sendolo,” She added.
Grace BARRY then entered in detailing the creation of Solway, the obtention of the license, as well as the exploration process carried out by Solway with Alford Morgan being a mare manager of the company.

“RL/MLME/PS/M/016/’12, dated: March 08, 2012, addressed to : Mr. Rajesh Goel, CEO, ArcelorMittal Liberia,) and Minister Gesler E. Murray, RL/MME/GEM/111/2020, Re: Grant of Mineral Rights Outside of AML’s Class “A” Mining License Area, dated: May 27, 2020, addressed to: Mr. Scott Lowe, CEO, ArcelorMittal Liberia) during the Ellen and Weah led regimes.

In furtherance, you orchestrated the uprising of the community against the very same ArcelorMittal where the Elders, Women, men, Youths were seen parading the street of Sanniquellie City, in the quest of ArcelorMittal MDA should not be amended but, Solway Mining Inc. you introduced should be granted MDA; have you forgotten? All these exhibits are proving to show that you are not in to the Mining Industry of Liberia to bring sanity but rather, to enrich yourself at the detriment of others and, by such our government should not take you serious or even grant you a license to do or partake in any mining activities anywhere in Liberia.

Ironic it sounds to hear your so-called community engagement consultant in person of ‘Armstrong Gobac Selekpoh’ using Solway MOU to convince community dwellers to accept AML instead of using Interlog MOU or ArcelorMittal MOU with the community. He’s even challenging the affected communities on radio and threatening them that they are not capable to take any action against you and AML. Have you also forgotten that the pillar upon which you were granted entrance to the community was based on the de-monopolization factor of the Mining industry in Nimba, and today the very same thing you preached few years back, you want to go against it right? Mr. Morgan, please stop playing a mind game with conscious minded Nimbains. Now that the regime you depended is no more, you want to rely on cash violence because it’s often heard that the Government is in ArcelorMittal’s Pocket. More besides, how can a man who had dominance over the geo-politics of Nimba mining industry is happily submerging to his greatest competitor only because he has blackmailed and dubiously broke the synergy with his supporter at the expense of 17 millions united states dollars deal out of 50 millions united states dollars with the ArcelorMittal as claimed, and you want people to take you for granted? However, I want you to take this, a democratic government is for, of, and by the people, therefore our elected government shall do the needful and listen to the people. The people are saying they need competition in the Mining Industry and Interlog is not a factor to be considered because it is a subcontracting logistic company to ArcelorMittal. We are therefore asking our Representatives from both District 2 & 3, Senators, and the Vice President elect to not give credence to any appeal from you.” She indicated.

In closing her write, Grace BARRY sent a warning to her former boss Alford Morgan, telling him that his intimidation against the affected communities will have no effects.

“Look! Morgan, you think you can intimidate our people with police or lack of Jobs, you are joking because your greed for ill-gotten wealth is unmatched. Therefore, all your drudges ranging from community leaders to the commoners that you’ve hypnotized with your ill-gotten wealth will not stand against the plan of action of the communities. This shall serve as a very good lesson not only for you but for those who take the voices of the people lightly. You feel that you can take advantage of Nimbains, plot them against one another and accomplished your evil agenda and go free. NEVER!!!! Finally, we are going to block the entrances of the camp until after the inauguration and , until the seated government informs us that Company X, Y or Z is given the right to explore or mine the mount Blei and Delton.” Grace said in her write to Morgan.

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