The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings was on Wednesday, August 23, given a rousing welcome by hundreds of residents of District #14, including Vai Town, Gibralta, Clara Town, Cow Factory, Abuja and the Doe Community on Bushrod.

Cummings and entourage were joined by hundreds of CPP supporters and sympathizers from the various communities on his tour of District # 14, as part of Community engagement to interact with citizens and rally their support for his Presidential bid in October.

Accompanied by a large crowd, Cummings begun walking from the Clara Town Store, made brief stops at the Varnee Mosque and the Feed My Sheep Church, where he made passionate pleas to both the Muslim and Christian communities, to pray fervently for God’s divine guidance to help Liberians choose good leaders on October 10.

Liberians, wearing CPP t-shirts from adjacent communities in Freeport, Paco Yard, Cow Factory, and other areas, carried banners with the photos of Mr. Cummings and Vice Standard Bearer, Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, chanted slogans of support and solidarity with the CPP.

The CPP Standard Bearer also made a brief stop at District #14, where he had personal encounters with residents, shared his campaign posters and explained his vision of economic prosperity and allievating hunger and extreme poverty in Liberia.

The five-hour tour and engagement with citizens of District #14, was climaxed with a special program in Doe Community, where the CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his commitment to good governance, and working hard to revive the ailing economy through massive job creation.

Mr. Cummings promised to fix the deplorable road condition, the health and educational systems, and said Liberians will immediately begin to feel a difference in their living condition, on his election as Liberia’s next President.

Last, Tuesday, August 22, the CPP Standard Bearer, also accompanied by hundreds of Partisans, supporters and sympathizers and well-wishers, stormed District #10, Montserrado County, admist massive jubilation by residents, marketers, shop owners and citizens, who hailed his visit and shouted slogans like, “Cummings is the man we want.”

Admist the down pour of rain, on August 22, partisans and supporters placarded CPP posters, while residents rushed to meet and greet Cummings. The residents expressed great appreciation for the visit, while some citizens said they had long awaited the visit of the CPP Standard Bearer.

Cummings and entourage paraded the various streets of District # 10, through Oldroad, Chugbor, Smythe Road, Gaye Town, and shook hands with residents, shop owners, pedestrians and marketers, giving them hope for a better Liberia under a Cummings leadership.

A Gaye Town resident, identified as Varney Hoff and a market woman in Chugbor, identified as Precious Kollie, spoke highly of Mr. Cummings and his strong desire to relieve Liberians of extreme suffering and poverty.

The visit to District #10, by the CPP Standard Bearer was part of his community engagement to meet citizens and solicit their views on prevailing socio-economic conditions of families and communities in the lead up to the general elections on October 10.

Cummings is the leading opposition presidential candidate, with huge popularity, especially amongst female voters and young people, who constitute about 65 percent of Liberia’s estimated five million population.

The CPP Standard Bearer, Cummings, with great energy and enthusiasm, has, since the start of National campaign, August 5, begun, early morning walking exercise, which has gained popularity with hundreds of his supporters joining in the activity.

The tour of Communities in Montserrado County District #10, by the CPP Standard Bearer, was climaxed at its National Headquarters, with a festive ceremony.

Mr. Cummings expressed gratitude to the hundreds of Partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers for the continuous show of support and solidarity and reassured them of victory on October 10.

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