LIBERIA: Court subpoenas Lonestar, Orange to testify in the Late Charloe Musu Murder Trial


A day after the Redemption Management- Dr. Mamady Guilavoigui along with Physician Assistant Morris Fumbah testified
as it relates to the death certificate of Charloe Musu, Criminal Court ‘A’ subpoenaed both Lonestar and Orange GSM companies to clarify the call log which was submitted as evidence.

This come as a result of Prosecution request to issue a writ of subpoena Ad Testicandum on both GSM companies to whose call logs were testified to by one prosecution witness.

Recently, when Prosecution sixteenth witness named Eddie Koffa Kun, who is an employee at the Ministry of Justice within the
the Crime Services Department of the Liberia National Police(LNP) took the witness stand, he narrated that
on February 22, 2023, when the LNP received the alert of an incident that occurred at the home of former Chief Justice at Sheriff Gas Station in Brewerville, where it was alleged that the intruder entered the home of Cllr. Scott and one person was victimized was taken to the hospital and reported dead.

After the LNP received the alert, on February 23, 2023, a team of investigators from the Crime Services Department immediately went on the scene to probe and establish the merit.

Police officer Eddie Koffa Kun said the team visited the entire premises for special emphasizes of incident. Also they visited the Faith Clinic at the Hotel Africa Road, where the victim was rushed to and later taken to referred to the Redemption Hospital.

Officers Kun furthered narrated they conducted an interviews with all of the occupants of the house along with their neighbors and workers. Interestingly, when Cllr. Scott and others visited the Head Quarter of the LNP, they informed the police that their gadget- telephone, laptop and iPods were all stolen. Because of that response, Police made a request through the Office of the County Attorney, which by procedure was subpoenaed through the Court to the GSM Companies of Orange and Lonestar to provide their call logs.

On November 1, 2023, testificandum was served on the two GSM Companies- Lonestar and Orange, relative to the telephone numbers of the four defendants( Cllr. Scott, Gertrude Newton, Rebecca and Alice Johnson). and others who were added – City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, security guards Zion Tarr,
Pastor Alvin K. Kissie neighbor,
Officer Moses Wright, one of the security guards assigned at the former Chief Justice,Varlee Telleh from the Monrovia City Police, Godson Y. Kollie a relation of the former chief justice and the late Charlotte Musu. Those numbers are 0886-529-330, 0886-511-697, 0886-512-940 for the period of February 21, 2023 to February 23, 2023 and 0777-185-106, 0777-142-113, 0777-646-863, 0775-081-446, 0777-033- 004, 0779-229-900, 0776-632-470, 0777-142-656, 0777-200-494.

Former Chief Justice- Cllr. Scott, Gertrude Newton, Rebecca and Alice Johnson are currently ongoing court trial for the crime of murder, criminal conspiracy and making false statements to Police Officers.

However, as per the Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie instructed the both GSM Companies will appear before court on Monday, November 6, 2023 at about 10:00 to testify in open court.

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