Liberia Council of Churches, Inter-Religious Council of Liberia want Independent Investigation into Bea Mountain Protest


The Liberia Council of Churches and the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia want President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to constitute an Independent Committee to probe the recent protest incident in Bea Mountain in Grand Cape Mount County that reportedly le d to the death of two persons.

In addition, the LCC and the IRCL are also asking President Boakai to kindly ensue enquiry into other Concessions to prevent similar occurrences. The LCC and IRCL believe that such an Independent Body will be objective and ensure transparency in its findings and recommendations, aimed at seeking lasting solutions to the concerns of workers at the Concession Companies.
‘’ We also believes that the Independent Committee, when setup, would dig deeper to unearth the contending concerns of the people in the Concession areas, which we pray would further help to avoid future disturbances at other Concessions around the Country. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. Moderator Sanjee A. Stepter, Rev. Christopher W. Toe, I Emmanuel Howe President. 1 st Vice President 2nd Vice President General Secretary Treasurer The LCC & IRCL say the police which are a key participant in the protest should not be the ones to investigating the very incident they are conflicted in hence, the Council and IRCI believe the police participation would undermine the true essence of transparency and fair play.’’

The LCC & IRCL are on notice that the very police have been accused of firing live bullets on the Protesters; it is for this and other reasons that we believe the police should not be player and referee in this matter, consequently, without police involvement the credibility of the Committee would be enhanced.

We say that part of the Terms of Reference of the Independent Committee should be to investigate the operations of Bea Mountain following reports and allegations that they have reneged on several provisions of their Concession Agreement signed over a decade ago. In closing, the Liberia Council of Churches and the Inter- Religious Council of Liberia want Citizens of Grand Cape Mount County to remain calm as the Government exercises all efforts to bring the situation under control.

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