LIBERIA: Civil Society Community predicts More Elections Violations If NEC fails to do the Needful


The Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia has predicted more elections violence once the National Election Commission(NDC) fails to conduct an independent investigation and to as well hold violators of electoral/campaign violence accountable on the basis of its electoral guidelines and the Farmington River Declaration.

“The worst is yet to come, There has to be punishment or penalty for those in violations,” the Secretary General of the Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform, Adama Dempster, asserted.
Despite the NEC’s alleged failure to do the needful, Mr. Dempster stated that they are currently monitoring and documenting the various account of the elections, respect for electoral guidelines and the Farmington River Declaration signed by all sides is fundamental.
He said human rights in elections applied to all sides, and therefore, no one party or candidate has more rights than the other.

Speaking further, he indicated that when people or institutions signed and agreed to a policy or protocol/guidelines and they are found violating those very agreements, they should be punished regardless of ruling party or oppositions or independent candidates.

Condemning all forms of electoral violence, the human rights community, civil society, religious community, citizens, the Liberian people, regional and the international community all seek peaceful election for the betterment of the country.
The Human Rights Community latest statement comes following the recent clash between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) and the opposition Unity Party(UP), which led to the injuries of several others.

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