The citizens of Gba clan in Nimba County, specifically in Sanniquilie where ArcelorMittal and Solway have been through an arm-twist competition on who owns the mountains in the area, on December 8, 2023, issued a position statement on the situation.

According to the statement signed by James Nyanamah and Amos Togbaye, “Gba clan is one of the communities that are highly affected by ArcelorMittal operations for several years and have never benefited anything much as affected communities.”

The citizens of Gba clan expressed frustration over the news that the license of Solway was dubiously sold under the carpet to AML by the government following a 419 ownership claim of Solway.

“Mount Blei now is the only hope for Gba clan citizen. The citizen of Gba again are getting information that ArcelorMittal has crossed carpet to operate on Mount Blei through Interlog. Upon hearing this, we the citizens of Gba clan are not pleased, For this reason, we have decided to write down our position statement to let the Government know.” The statement said.

For the citizens of Gba Clan, it is because of ArcelorMittal’s inability to live by signed cooperate social responsibilities that they have decided that there should be a competition in their mining sector, not a monopoly.

“It can be noted that there some misunderstanding between ArcelorMittal and Solway about the selling of Solway exploration area Mount Blei located in Seyhi, Zor and Gba clans to AML and this action brought serious clashes between both companies leaving traditional Zoe council to intervene in order to bring peace and unity in the mining sector in Nimba. There were some consensus outlined and filed by each group. No company shall in either way cross carpet or attempt to cross its area od operation to another operation area. Because of AML poor community entry, which has led to lot of damages in the community. Unequal employment for prepared people within the affected community for instance prepared people from the mine affected communities are not found in no top managerial positions.” The citizens of Gba clan said in their statement.

In closing their statement, the citizens of Gba Clan asked Alford Morgan’s Interlog and ArcelorMittal to provide the legal documents to prove that Solway Mining License has been transferred to AML.

“The people of Gba communities want to see the investors that were brought into their communities by Mr. Morgan, the communities have some serious questions that to be answered by them to avoid confusion. We therefore ask Interlog and AML to stop all operations until the new Government is inaugurated.” The statement concludes.

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