The Vice Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, says the opposition Liberty Party (LP), which is a constituent member of the CPP, is David among the Goliaths of political parties in Liberia, and like the proverbial small axe, the LP stands firm among big trees.

Making the statement recently at a homecoming program for LP partisans held in Monrovia, Cllr. Brumskine said although the party’s founding father is no longer with them, there are still men and women standing strong to carry on the dreams and ideals of the party.

“There was something spiritual, something political, something God-given about the Liberty Party, that is why although Cllr. Brumskine is not living, these men and women are still standing. It speaks to the Liberty Party. I don’t want you to ever be ashamed of your institution,” Cllr. Brumskine said.

Invoking accounts of the Bible that spoke of a common shepherd boy defeating the Philistine giant Goliath, and was later anointed and chosen as the King of Israel, Cllr. Brumskine said the Liberty Party which has faced trials and tribulations over the years and in recent times is the David of Liberia, the small axe among the big political trees.

“Your institution is the David among the Goliaths. Your institution is that small axe among the big trees. That is what the Liberty Party is, and we will never die. And all of those who are trying to fight us, we are standing. The Living God that I call upon day in and day out; the God of Charles Walker Brumskine, that God will cover all of us. Thank you. This is the new beginning. He built the foundation for us. Let’s put the wall up. Let’s roof it; let’s open the house for everyone.’’

“The SG and I have been talking with Chairman Bility. This is the first of many meetings we will have. We will be having many new homecomings. So, feel free to come here often. Feel free to just come back to our home, it’s your home here,” the CPP Vice Standard Bearer intoned.

It can be recalled that Cllr. Brumskine, who is a staunch Liberty Party stalwart and founding member, was recently chosen as running mate to CPP Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings. Since her ascension to the CPP second highest command post, Charlyne has been on a proactive mission to breathe new life into the CPP, while ensuring that her own Liberty Party remains a contending force within the Liberian political landscape.

Ensuring that Liberty Party remains active in the Liberian political milieu means a lot to Charlyne Brumskine, to the extent that she decided to side with the Supreme Court ruling that devolved administrative powers to the Liberty Party National Chairman and the National Executive Committee rather than the Political Leader or Standard Bearer.

“The Liberty Party certainly has been embroiled in a leadership crisis. It’s a crisis. And when my father was alive, because of his style of leadership, you never heard the Liberty Party involved in any of these antics that we see in other political parties in Liberia. So, I certainly want Liberians to know that I have taken a side, and I have taken a side of the institution; and I have taken the side of the rule of law. I have respected the Supreme Court’s ruling wherein the Supreme Court of Liberia was very clear that the administrative functions of the Liberty Party, as well as any other political party, vests in the Chairman of the Party and the Executive Committee. So, the Chairman of the party, whether any Liberian likes it or not, at this point in time is Musa Bility, and I took a side. I certainly was not going to be embroiled, continue to allow our party to be torn apart by a few who were very determined to support the Unity Party candidate.’’

“There is no way that I, as Charlyne Brumskine, a member of Liberty Party, a counsellor at law in Liberia, and a daughter of the founding father of Liberty Party would relinquish, would give up my absolute obligation to support Liberty Party, so that I could support the Unity Party candidate. I was never going to do that,” the CPP Vice Standard Bearer recently remarked when she spoke with the Voice of America.

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