LIBERIA: Chambers bows


The return of the head of the 54th Legislature has been dealt a major blow as his eight-count complaint before the Hearing Office of the National Elections Commission(NEC) was quashed due to lack of evidence to sustain his claims.

As contained in his complaint, the House Speaker Bhofal Chambers contended that alleged several electoral violations against him at the Old Sodoken Voting Precinct 27020.

He also alleged that two of his poll watchers–Joseph Hodge and Stephen Russell– representing all CDC candidates in both the Presidential and General Elections were asked out of the hall.

The House Speaker indicated in his complaint that the polling staff kept the voting precinct to new comer voters to 10:00PM against the advice of poll watchers.

Furthermore, Chambers through his legal team also claimed that a man claiming to be community dweller was seated in a voting hall instructing people how to vote.

The Speaker in his complaint also averred that NEC staff allowed people who did not register in Old Sodoken to vote there.

The complainant grieved that the CDC was denied the right to participate in the final ballot counting process as its poll watchers were poll out of the center just for requesting complaint form.

Speaker Chambers’ team added that CDC poll watchers did not sign record of the count at polling place #2 in Old Sodoken, and as such, prayed the NEC to quarantine the voting result for representative candidates at this center.

Accordingly, following days of legal battle between Complainant Chambers and NEC and first respondent and Candidate Anthony Williams as second respondent, Hearing Officer Richard Darfuah on Thursday, December 7, 2023 ruled that the case lacks merit as there is no proof to substantiate the claims made to overturn the result.

“Wherefore and in view of the foregoing facts and law citations, this hearing says the complaint of the complainant is hereby dismissed for failure to prove same. This hearing further says that the results of District #2 Maryland County as obtained and declared by NEC for each Representative candidate be upheld and so order,” read the ruling.

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