LIBERIA: CEMENCO Remains Committed to Its Corporate Social Responsibility …-Donates Several Bags of Liberian Rice to JFK, Redemption and Two Others


Liberia’s only cement factory, CEMENCO Corporation, which started operations in Liberia 1968, remains committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility(CRS).
Since its establishment, CEMENCO has over the years contributed to several institutions including hospitals and schools.

Besides the contributions to hospitals and schools, the Cement Company has built good relationships with its neighbors, namely: Jamaica Road, Bilayma, Saw Hill and Bassa Town. The company has contributed to schools, clinics and provided drinking water to these neighboring communities. Moreover, the company has also offered them basis tools to help them do their cleaning up.
Owing to these huge contributions and services, the company has been hailed and honored by these communities and several others in a bid to motivate it to do more.
Well in continuation of its CSR Program, CEMENCO on Friday, May 24, 2024 donated several bags of Liberian rice to JFK Medical Center, Sinkor, Monrovia, Redemption Hospital, New Kru Town, AL-Hilal Medical and Surgical Clinic, Jamaica Road and Mawah Health Center, Vai Town. The donated Liberian rice was produced by the Community of Hope Agriculture Project(CHAP).

Speaking during the donation ceremony, the Managing Director of CEMENCO, William Gaignard, committed CEMENCO against malnutrition: a local and sustainable solution.
Mr. Gaignard, who received praises from the audience because of his administration huge contributions to humanity and social services, said, “our institution is firmly committed to the fight against malnutrition, a scourge that particularly affects vulnerable population in our country.’’
Aware of the crucial needs for food, particularly rice, expressed by several hospitals and health centers, Mr. Gaignard disclosed that CEMENCO has decided to take concrete measures to provide effective and last aid.
‘‘CEMENCO main objective is to promote and enhance the work of our Liberian farmers, who produce rice of exceptional quality. By promoting the recognition and distribution of this rice through out the country, CEMENCO not only help meet immediate food needs, but also support the local economy and strengthen long-term food security,’’ he stated.
“ To this end, CEMENCO is implementing several initiatives. Distribution of quality rice in health centers. CEMENCO has decided on an action to provide locally produced rice to hospitals and health centers with critical needs. This approach makes it possible to respond quickly to food emergencies while supporting local producers,’’ he further stated.
According to him, CEMENCO is launching a promotion campaign through its FB and partnership with the Community of Hope Agriculture Project(CHAP) SRI to publicize the quality of Liberian rice throughout the country.

The CEMENCO MD pointed out that this campaign aims to raise consumers’ awareness of the importance of buying local and to promote the work of Liberian farmers.
Interestingly, the CEMENCO Boss mentioned that in the longer term, CEMENCO plans to have Liberian rice recognized beyond ‘‘our borders throughout our publications on FB but also with the European Chambers of Commerce in Liberia.’’

‘’By promoting our Liberian rice abroad, we hope to open new markets for our farmers and thus improve their income and quality of life. These actions will make a significant step in CEMENCO commitment to combat malnutrition and promote Liberian rice,’’ he asserted.
‘’ Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of our fellow citizens and support the sustainable development of our country. We are counting on your support and collaboration to achieve these ambitious goals,’’ the CEMENCO MD added.
Also speaking, the donation recipients thanked the Management of CEMENCO for the donation, describing it as timely.
The recipients said they are happy for the donated Liberian rice because it could not have come no better time than now when they are in despite need of the Liberian rice to enhance their operations.
The recipients, who spoke individually for their respective institutions, promised to use the donated rice for the intended purpose.
While extolling CEMENCO for its continued contributions to hospitals and schools, urged other companies in the country to emulate the good humanitarian gestures of the company.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Community of Hope Agriculture Project(CHAP), Robert Bima, thanked the Management of CEMENCO for purchasing 200 bags of the Liberian rice from his company.
Mr. Bima, who praised MD Gaignard for promoting his business, described him(Gaignard) as some one who was truthful to his words when they met at Mamba Point Hotel for the Global Hunger Index Launch Report by the Government of Liberia.
Mr. Bima said during their interaction the CEMENCO Boss expressed interest in getting rice from his company and true to his words, MD Gaignard fulfilled his promise by buying 200 bags of the Liberian rice.

The CHAP CEO encouraged Liberians to emulate the foot step of the CEMENCO Boss by purchasing Liberian own rice, which he described as carry nutritional.

He said his company has been boosted with the purchase of the 200 bags of rice by CEMENCO.

‘‘The more you eat the rice you love the rice. We look forward for the partnership. We thank CEMENCO for standing with us,’’ he said.

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